Dog in the snow

We can come up with a million reasons we think this is the best time of year. To name a few: Christmas carols, gorgeous (and tacky) light displays, Santa, elves, Rudolph, classic holiday movies, presents and really cheesy TV specials. But what about cats and dogs? Do they even care or know it’s Christmas? We’d like to think they do. Sure, they probably don’t understand why we always have “All I Want for Christmas Is You” on repeat and don’t really get why we have to go shopping so much. But surely there are some things about the holiday season that they look forward to every year. Here are five reasons we think pets are just as excited for Christmas as you are.

It Might Snow

The holiday season coincides with the beginning of winter, so there’s a fairly good chance it will snow in many parts of the country. Cats are often blasé about all forms of precipitation, but there are certain dog breeds that have been waiting all year for the first few flakes to hit the ground.

There Are Boxes Everywhere

Forget luxurious or trendy gifts, what cats (and perhaps some dogs) can’t wait to see under the tree are all the cardboard boxes. And with the growing popularity of online shopping, the holiday season has never been better for cardboard-loving animals. So bring on the shipments from Amazon and Zappos — their boxes are the gifts that keep on giving.

Cat in santa hat

They Get a Lot of Attention

Christmastime means there are more people around to lavish pets with love and affection. Of course, this could also be a reason your cat or dog hates the holiday season. Some pets aren’t fans of strangers or guests. And that’s understandable. But for the pets who live for attention, this time of year is a treat.


Who doesn’t love presents? Cats and dogs appreciate a new ball, bowl or collar. They’ll gladly accept a trendy new product that they never knew they needed. And if you have the funds to splurge on a $999 bed, they simply can’t say no. But if you’re in a bind, well, there’s always the cardboard box.

Quality Time With the Family

Among the best — and most important — things about Christmas is spending time with loved ones. So as you celebrate the season, don’t forget to sneak in some QT with your furry family member. Because, really, that’s what Christmas is all about.

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