Figgie the Bird

Q. My bird’s wings are not clipped, but she’d rather be on the floor with the dog and cat than up on a table, or window rod, or anyplace high. Why does she do this?

A. It’s really hard to say definitively why your bird prefers to be on the floor. She may just be feeling social — as you noted, the dog and cat are down there. Perhaps that makes it more exciting to be near them than to be up high.

The other possibility is that your bird isn’t that comfortable with flying. Flying is a learned behavior in birds, and if your bird was raised away from other birds and really didn’t have the opportunity to observe other birds fly, it’s possible that she is just more comfortable walking around than flying.

No need to worry, though; birds who don’t fly can be happy living in a household as long as they are kept busy and provided with adequate stimulation. Make sure she has ample time out of her cage with you, as well as plenty of toys to chew on and a good variety of foods to eat.

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