3 Lab Puppy Videos We Can't Stop Watching

We just can't get enough of the lovable Labrador Retriever, so we've scoured the Internet for the cutest videos of Labpuppies we could find.Check them out for a dose of adorable.

Puppy Plays in the Leaves

We're pretty sure no one loves fall as much as this sweet Lab puppy leaping into a pile of leaves. And we're pretty sure no one loves this video as much as us — we've watched it over and over again. (For those who may want to let their pups follow suit with their own joyful fall romp, remember that leaves are only for playing in, not for eating!)

Lab Puppy Tries to Steal Mom's Toy

This 38-day-old puppy really wants to play with his mother, Huka's, favorite toy. But, Mom just isn't having it.

Banjo the White Lab and His Reflection

This handsome white Lab is captivated by his own reflection. As Bruno Mars would say, he's got to kiss himself, he's so pretty!

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