7 Magnificent Muddy Dogs

April showers bring May flowers… and dirty dogs. You know that spring has arrived when your garden turns into a marsh perfect for playing and digging. The muddy paw prints on your floors are another sign.

This time of year might be hard on your home and yard, but who can resist the joyful smile of a pup covered in dirt? Here are seven photos of dogs having a great time in the mud.

Adorable Pups Covered in Mud

Harry the Husky-Chow mix loves the mud

Harry the Husky-Chow mix knows that wallowing in the mud is a great way to cool off on a warm day.

Annabelle the Beagle puppy in mud

Annabelle the 11-month-old Beagle might be just a puppy, but she’s already an expert digger!

Maeby the rescue mix gets muddy

Muddy legs? Check. Muddy face? Check. Muddy tongue? Check. Well done, Maeby!

Buster the Dachshund-Pit Bull mix in the mud

Can you guess what Buster the Dachshund-Pit Bull mix liked most about his trip to the Rio Grande in New Mexico? (If your answer includes "mud," you're on the right track!)

Cooper the Westie in mulch

Cooper the Westie is quite proud of his gardening skills. Rainy days really are the best time to help out in the yard.

Lexi the yellow Lab covered in mud

Here’s a lesson we can all learn from Lexi the yellow Lab: Life is better with a little dirt.

Max the Jack Russell Terrier in mud

If digging were a profession, Max the Jack Russell Terrier would be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

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