Our Favorite Snoozing and Snoring Bulldogs

Do you snore? Does your loved one snore? While human snoring can be annoying, there is something sort of cute and charming about the rhythmic trance of symphonic sounds coming from your pup when he dozes off.

And, while many dogs are snorers, the gold medal of snoring breeds goes to the totally adorable, but exceptionally snore-prone Bulldog. Their abbreviated snouts can make them more apt to snore than other breeds, but sometimes snoring can indicate a more serious medical problem. If your Bulldog seems to have trouble breathing, see your veterinarian.

But, for now, forget the earplugs and turn up your volume; these videos of sleepy Bulldogs are too cute for words.

This Dog Could Be in a Cartoon

Apollo, who shares his name with the Greek god of music, could form a one Bulldog band with his sweet snore and hilarious lip flap routine.

Feel inspired by this Bulldog's apt name? Check out these popular Bulldog ones.

Star and Petunia Are... Loud

Double trouble! Grab the decibel meter, this snoring duo belongs in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Teddy the English Bulldog Does Not Want to Get Out of Bed

Mornings can be “ruff.” Just ask Teddy. This sleepyhead is super comfy in his human parent’s bed — and won't get out no matter how much his owners cajole him. Well, there is one thing that finally convinces this pup to wake up... the doorbell!

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