Unique Cat Names: Clever Puns Edition

There are plenty of seriously fantastic feline names out there, but if you want your kitty's moniker to be something really unusual, consider a funny pun! They're entertaining, memorable and, when employed effectively, can be extremely fitting for your four-legged friend.

We looked at 19 unique cat names pulled from our Vetstreet database — which, for the record, is home to more than 4.6 million names of cats born between January 2013 and May 2016. We picked the names that appeared just once, then categorized those into various lists (like historical figures or characters from books, movies and TV).

Does your cat have a speccatular pun name? Feel free to share it in the comments!

Purr-fectly Clever Cat Pun Names

Clever Cat Names: Espurranza



If your cat holds your corazón in her little paw, this Spanish name could be perfecto!

Clever Cat Names: Jaycatsby


Jay Catsby

Lovers of literature and Leonardo DiCaprio alike will be drawn to this name, wouldn't you say, old sport? 

Clever Cat Names: Meerkitten



Going with the name "Meerkat" would've been a cute play on its own, but we really appreciate the way this cat owner took things a step further. 



Does this name put a smile on your face? It certainly does for us. 

Clever Cat Names: Acrocat



We've known a few kitty contortionists for whom this name would be wholly appropriate. 

Clever Cat Names: Catastik


Catastik, Kittywompus, Persnickitty, Purriwinkle

Descriptive names have long made for popular pet monikers (think: Smokey, Lucky, Fluffy, Princess), but throwing a pun into it? That's some next level naming right there! 

Clever Cat Names: Christopurr


Christopurr, Jenipurr, Meowianne, Meowibeth, Rupurrt

These creative designations have us wondering how many other traditionally human names we could catify. Who's game to name their next kitten Lucats? Pipurr? Cattison?

Clever Cat Names: Aristokitty


Aristokitty, Empurress, Excalipurr

A noble name is an appropriate choice for a regal tabby, but we particularly love these choices.

Clever Cat Names: Hissabella


Hissabella, Lucifurry

We don't think any cats are particularly scary, but we still adore these slightly spooky appellations. Especially this time of year!

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