As cat owners, we’re used to tailoring our home décor to the whims of our feline companions, from choosing non-poisonous plants to claw-proofing our couches. However, one thing we frequently overlook when decorating is vertical space. 

Our kitties yearn to climb, perch, explore, and jump. They want to snooze safely where no predators can reach them—like the top of your fridge. The more cats can play and explore, the happier and healthier they are, and the less they act out towards you (or your carpet).

No disrespect meant to the humble, floor-mounted cat tree, but cat wall furniture is the newest trend to deliver both form and function. There are more and more cat-forward brands coming out with aesthetically pleasing furniture you can mount on your walls, doorways, and windowsills that are specifically engineered to entertain and enrich your cat’s life. 

There are floating cat shelves and cozy hammocks, wall-mounted cat trees, floating scratching posts, and even climbing walls that allow your cat to leap to and fro. You can even get a cool-looking rope bridge to drape across your doorway for exploratory adventuring (or mid-air snoozing). Some designs skew modern and sleek, while others use sisal and other natural fibers so your cat can really dig their claws in. While some feline furniture solutions require a bit more ingenuity to install than others, there are options for most price points and skill sets. Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

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Our Top Picks:

Vista Cat Perch by Tuft and Paw

Tuft and Paw - Vista Cat Perch - cat wall furniture

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This floating cat perch offers your fuzzy pal an elegant and cozy place to relax, high above the scrum of your living room. The bent plywood base has an aesthetically pleasing mid-century modern design, topped by a faux fur pad you can remove and wash when needed. Plus, it holds up to forty pounds!


  • Doesn’t look like typical cat furniture
  • Quick and easy drywall installation 
  • Two color combo options for wood veneer and faux fur
  • Simple to keep clean

Things to Consider:

  • It’s recommended to use a stud finder for installation, since cats jumping off can put pressure on this shelf and cause it to come loose if not secured appropriately. 

Floating Scratching Post Set

Floating Scratching Post - cat wall furniture

If you want to upend the typical sisal scratching post, choose this cool, multi-tier floating version that mounts onto your wall instead. This set comes with three posts in a bundle to create a mid-air playground for your budding circus star. Great for balancing, stretching, and digging those claws in!


  • Made with natural wood and cotton/linen sisal fabric
  • Great for cats of all ages
  • Can hold up to 33 pounds
  • Affordable

Things to Consider:

  • You can combine it with other wall furniture to create an obstacle course. 
  • If your cat isn’t big on heights, try mounting the posts lower to the ground so they can reach up and use it as a scratching post from below.

Fremont Modern Cat Window Perch

Fremont Cat Perch - cat wall furniture

The Fremont perch looks like a stylish bookshelf with an added bonus for feline lounging purposes — a fabric insert that’s perfect to lounge on or scratch, depending on whether you go for the mohair or plush selection. 


  • Comes with all the hardware you need, including drywall anchors.
  • Comes with a selection of different bases, including bamboo.
  • Supports up to 50 pounds.
  • Design hides the hardware.

Things to Consider:

  • Installing it under or near a window means hours and hours of free kitty television, but it will be a hit no matter where you put it.

Lotus Cat Shelves from The Refined Feline

The Refined Feline Lotus Branch Wall Mounted Cat Wall Shelf

These cool and curvaceous shelves offer an elegant respite from daily life, complete with removable and replaceable pads on top for total feline luxury. The “leaf” shelf measures 22″ long by 10.5″ deep, whereas the “branch” is a whopping 61″ long by 10.5″ deep. 


  • Mix and match the shelves, depending on your available space
  • The white finish comes with faux fur, whereas the espresso, mahogany, or smoke finishes come with berber carpet.

Things to Consider:

  • It’s “strongly recommended” that these shelves are screwed into the wall studs. 
  • The Refined Feline also offers a matching Lotus Cat Tower for that certain je ne sais quois. 

Tinton Life Wall-Mounted Wooden Cat Capsule Cat Bed

TINTON LIFE Wall-Mounted Wooden Cat Space

This funky-looking capsule gives your cat the snug, smooth feeling of cuddling in the sink — but in mid-air! And because it’s made of thick, clear acrylic, you can see their little toe beans from below. Can you stand it? No, you cannot.


  • It’s sold on Amazon, so the return policy seems reasonable
  • Overall, commenters are pleased with ease of installation and their cats’ response to the bed
  • The first step to social media domination?

Things to Consider:

  • One customer reported it doesn’t come with any screws, while another strongly recommends installing it into wall studs.

CatastrophiCreations Cat Bridge

CatastrophiCreations Wall Mounted Wooden Cat Bridge

CatastrophiCreations offers something truly enticing with this floating, wall-mounted bridge for your favorite intrepid explorer. This bridge can be mounted across a doorway or a window for endless entertainment, or as part of a larger installation of cat wall furniture. Plus, you can select from three different finishes and lengths, and between twine and coyote paracord. 


  • Weight tested for a whopping 85 pounds per shelf.
  • Designed for walls with studs 16″ or 24″ apart.
  • Made of bamboo, so it’s strong and light.
  • Great for snoozing.

Things to Consider:

  • If your wall studs aren’t 16″ apart, they can help you figure out what you’ll need to mount this item properly.