If you have a dog, then you know accidents can happen, even with well-trained pups. One economical way to prevent messes and discourage marking behavior is to use a dog belly band. With an abundance of options on the market, however, choosing a band can feel overwhelming. 

Here, we’ll answer your questions about dog belly bands and offer product suggestions. However, if your dog is having frequent accidents, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian, as this may be a sign of an underlying behavioral or medical issue.

Our Top Belly Band Picks

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7 Best Dog Belly Bands of 2024

With dozens of belly bands for dogs on the market, choosing one that best suits your pup can feel daunting. To help guide you through your purchase, we have some recommendations. 

Best Overall Dog Belly Bands

Our Pick: Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Bands

Pet Parents Premium Washable Dog Belly Bands

This brand of reusable belly bands is Phifer’s personal favorite. “They aren’t flashy but are durable and absorbent,” he explains. Nearly 16,000 customers agree, giving them high marks not only for absorbency, but also for comfort and staying in place. A non-abrasive diaper pad is sewn right into the polyester shell and is coupled with an outer layer to prevent leaks. Plus, they come in a pack of three at a really reasonable price.


  • Multiple layers provide a high level of absorption and prevent leaks
  • Quickly soak up urine, which means more comfort and less opportunity for chafing
  • Reusable design
  • Great price point
  • Pet Parents Brand is a small U.S. business that has donated thousands of products to animal shelters across the country.

Things to Consider

  • Require frequent washing
  • Basic design means no cute patterns to choose from

Best Reusable Dog Belly Bands

Our Pick: Paw Inspired Male Dog Wraps

Paw Inspired Ultra Protection Washable Male Wraps

A good reusable belly band should be easy to clean and able to withstand repeated wash cycles. These are features we like about the Paw Inspired male dog wraps. Customers also noted the band’s absorbency level and leak-proof edges. Plus strong, flexible fasteners make it easier to adjust for comfort and fit.


  • Durable design holds up to frequent washings
  • Customers rate them high for absorbency
  • Great price point
  • Manufactured by a small, family-owned company

Things to Consider

  • Need to be washed regularly
  • Design and color options are pretty basic

Best Disposable Dog Belly Bands

Our Pick: Bodhi Dog Disposable Doggie Wraps

Bodhi dog Disposable Dog Diapers Male

These belly bands’ breathable cotton fabric and stretchy waistband make for a comfortable fit. They also quickly soak up liquid and provide a leak-proof barrier. Color-changing technology lets you know when the band is saturated, which eliminates the guesswork and prevents your dog from having to sit in a wet wrap any longer than necessary.


  • Made of breathable cotton for comfort
  • Secure, adjustable fit
  • They’re convenient. Simply toss the wrap when it’s dirty
  • U.S. family-owned business that uses locally sourced ingredients

Things to Consider

  • Not as environmentally friendly as washable belly bands for dogs
  • Requires repurchasing when you run out

Most Affordable Dog Belly Bands

Our Pick: Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers for Male Dogs

Teamoy Reusable Wrap Diapers for Male Dogs

At about $12 dollars for three dog belly wraps, this is the most affordable pick on our list. The 3-pack of wraps is also an Amazon’s Choice item and has an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than 16,000 buyers. Pet parents applaud its absorbency and leak prevention, attributed to the two layers of microfiber, a padded inner liner, and a waterproof outer layer. Extra-wide magnetic tape closures mean the band is easy to adjust, thus resistant to doggy escape artistry.


  • Amazing price point for a 3-pack
  • Reusable design
  • Three layers of protection for optimal absorption
  • Wide magnetic closure allows for easy adjustment

Things to Consider

  • Need to be washed frequently

Best Dog Belly Bands for Puppies

Our Pick: PlayaPup Male Dog Reusable/Washable Belly Bands

PlayaPup Male Dog Belly Band

Unlike many of the other dog belly band products we reviewed, PlayaPup wraps are available in size XX-small, making them a good choice for little bodies. They’re also crafted with stretch cotton for comfort and flexibility. Plus, the hook and loop closure is adjustable, which is especially helpful when you have a growing puppy.

A caveat is that they’re designed more as a training tool than a diaper. For added absorption, you’ll need to insert a liner.


  • Available in sizes small enough for puppies
  • Can be beneficial as a training tool
  • Adorable ocean-inspired patterns
  • Made by a family-owned business since 2001

Things to Consider

  • Since this band is primarily designed to inhibit inappropriate urination, it needs an additional liner for added absorption
  • Higher price point of $14 for a single band
  • Frequent washing required 

Cutest Dog Belly Bands

Our Pick: Alfie Pet – Gaki Belly Band

Alfie Pet - Gaki Belly Band

We can’t help but love the playful designs in this 3-pack of belly bands, as well as the extra attention to detail, like a sewn-in denim pocket. And since they’re made from soft cotton, they’re not only cute, but also comfortable to wear. Another benefit is the industrial-strength Velcro closure, which ensures the dog belly wrap stays in place. For optimal absorption, you’ll need to insert a liner.

These bands are made by a small, U.S. based business that donates pet supplies to animal welfare organizations. They also donate up to $250 a year to the organization of the employee’s choice through an employee-matching fund.


  • Adorably unique outer design
  • Made of soft, breathable cotton

Things to Consider

  • Not specifically designed for urine absorption, so they will require a separate liner
  • Need to be washed regularly

Most Comfortable Dog Belly Bands

Our Pick: Cuddle Bands Male Dog Belly Band

Cuddle Belly Band

When it comes to this dog belly band, the name really says it all! The Cuddle Bands wrap is lined with soft fleece free from elastic, which reduces the chance of pinching and irritation. For absorbency, you’ll need to add a disposable liner.


  • Elastic-free design with cozy fleece lining
  • Accented with a cute paw-print design
  • Made in the U.S. and developed by a group of dog rescuers who donate a portion of every purchase to an animal charity

Things to Consider

  • Higher price point for just one belly band (not including the liner)
  • Fleece may not be the best option for warmer weather
  • You’ll need to wash this band on a regular basis

What is a Dog Belly Band?

A belly band is a wrap that gets placed around your pup’s bottom area to prevent them from peeing on surfaces in your home. It can also be used as a training tool. “A belly band may help prevent some dogs from urine marking,” says Bradley Phifer, a certified dog trainer and executive director of Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). “However, most owners choose a belly band for their male dogs to contain the urine and to protect furniture and other household items from damage caused by urine. This is more of a management solution than a training strategy.” 

Belly bands are designed specifically for male dogs and can be used for all life stages – from puppyhood to senior years. Available in either reusable or disposable form, they come in a variety of fabrics and materials including cotton, polyester, and microfiber. A dog belly band that’s designed as more of a training tool may not offer the same level of protection as a multi-layered product.

Dog Belly Bands Vs. Diapers

Unlike belly bands, dog diapers can be used on both males and females. While belly bands go around a dog’s waist and cover the private area, dog diapers more closely resemble human diapers, according to Laura Hills, a certified dog trainer and owner of The Dogs’ Spot, based in North Kansas, Missouri. “They enclose the entire waist and bottom. There is an opening for the tail and rear legs, but the rest of the bottom area is enclosed by the diaper.”

And though there aren’t belly bands for female dogs, if you have a female dog in heat or with incontinence issues, diapers can be beneficial. Our guide to dog diapers tells you what you need to know to make a solid purchase.

Why Your Dog Might Need a Belly Band

Dog at home looking concerned

If your dog is prone to having accidents, is a senior, and/or has health or behavioral issues, a belly band can be an asset. “Belly bands are useful for male dogs who are incontinent, inclined to pee on vertical surfaces, or struggling with house training,” says Hills.

They can also be useful in discouraging inappropriate urination. The idea is that a dog wearing the belly band will become averse to the discomfort of being wrapped in a wet cloth.

Puppies can wear them, too, though Hills warns against using them for training purposes unless you have to. “I’d prefer my puppy not learn to eliminate inside and into either of these,” she says. “I’d prefer they are trained to eliminate in the proper place.” If, however, there’s a reason that learning these skills is difficult (for example, a puppy who is used to peeing in a crate due to neglect) or the wraps are used in the short-term as an added layer of protection, she says they might be a good option.

Belly bands can also curb marking behavior. A dog who is unable to pee on surfaces can’t leave a scent, which prevents future marking. “They may be inclined to attempt to mark, they just won’t get the urine on the vertical surface as it will be contained in the belly band,” explains Hills.

A dog belly band can come in handy even if your dog doesn’t have a lot of accidents. For example, on frigid or icy days when you may not be able to take your dog outside, they can use the band instead of peeing in the house.

Our Selection Process

Dog head tilt

In compiling our list of best belly bands, we considered the following factors:

Comfort. We all know that if a dog isn’t comfortable in what we’re trying to get them to wear, they’re not going to wear it. That’s why we kept a close eye on materials and other comfort features when making our selections.

Durability/absorbency. Nobody wants a belly band that doesn’t work well or hold up to messes, which put these two checkpoints high on our list of things to look out for.

Reviews. When you’re on the fence about purchasing anything, it’s always helpful to take a peek at the review section to see what other people had to say about it. We did the heavy lifting for you and took customer ratings and reviews into account.

Price. No matter what features you’re looking for in a belly band, the price point is most likely always on your radar, so we made sure it was on ours as well.

Pros and Cons of Belly Bands For Dogs

Dog getting pets from owner

While belly bands for dogs can be an invaluable tool, there are some things to consider.

Belly Bands for Dogs: The Pros

The most obvious benefit is a cleaner and fresher-smelling home. It’s easier, after all, to prevent stains and odors than to have to clean and disinfect them. “Belly Bands are a relatively inexpensive way to protect your home from stains and odor caused by dog urine,” says Phifer.  Failure to change your dog’s belly band regularly could lead to skin infections and urinary tract infections.

They can also be used as a training tool in certain circumstances, especially if you want to discourage marking behavior or work with rescue dogs who have behavioral issues.

Dog belly bands are relatively simple to use. Unlike a dog sweater or raincoat that you have to maneuver over your dog’s head and paws, a belly band simply gets wrapped around their lower half.

Belly Bands for Dogs: The Cons

Belly Bands can be messy. “Owners must change their dog’s belly band multiple times throughout the day to avoid skin irritation and maintain adequate hygiene,” says Phifer.

There’s also the comfort factor. “Some dogs will try to chew off the belly band because they find them uncomfortable,” Phifer adds.

Plus, belly bands for dogs can sometimes mask an underlying problem. According to Phifer, “The indoor elimination may be a lack of house training, a sign of another behavior problem such as a conflict between two resident dogs, or a medical condition such as incontinence.” 

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that even if you use a belly band on your dog, accidents can still happen.

Dog Belly Band Buying Guide

Dog laying down at home happy

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a belly band for your dog.

Fabric and material. With reusable belly bands for dogs, look for durable material that can withstand frequent washes and is easy to clean. Keep seasonal changes in mind as well. Fleece, for example, may be a good option for colder months, but not during warmer ones.

Fit and size. Sizing is one of the biggest issues pet parents have with wraps. “The belly band or diaper needs to be tight enough to stay on comfortably but not so tight that it’s cutting off circulation. If it’s uncomfortably tight, dogs will be inclined to try to remove it,” says Hills.

Carefully read the manufacturer’s sizing instructions to ensure the best fit. And instead of guesstimating your dog’s size, use a measuring tape for accuracy.  

The closure should also be wide enough to allow for easy adjustments. This is an especially important feature if you have a growing puppy.

Disposable vs. reusable. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, Phifer prefers reusable male belly wraps. “Go with a machine-washable belly band with elastic and a Velcro strap for ease of use and comfort for your dog,” he advises.

Washable belly bands are also easier on the environment, and since they can be reused, they are typically more cost-effective.

And while disposable belly bands for dogs do provide a convenience factor, if you plan to use them long-term, the costs can add up.

Dog Belly Band FAQs

Dog head tilted at home

Do belly bands stop dogs from marking?

That’s the goal! At first, your dog may still have the desire to mark, but when they urinate, the pee will be contained in the band instead of being sprayed onto surfaces. The discomfort factor, coupled with the fact that the scent will be contained within the band, is thought to help discourage the behavior.

How do dog belly bands work?

A dog belly band wraps around your male dog’s waist to prevent them from peeing (or pooping) on surfaces in your home. 

Are belly bands for dogs cruel?

No, they aren’t cruel. However, potential issues can arise if you aren’t careful in your use of a belly band. For example, failing to change a wet belly band promptly can lead to irritation or even a UTI infection.

How can you keep a belly band on a dog?

Choosing the right size and fit is key. Supervision is important, too. “Teaching a dog to wear them can help ensure they keep them on,” says Hills.

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