For all dog parents, there’s one furry fact of life that’s inescapable — you’ll always be cleaning up dog hair. Whether you’ve got a low-shedding ‘hypoallergenic’ breed or an over-enthusiastic shedder (hello, Huskies!), dog hair just comes with the territory. That’s why a quality pet hair broom can be your new best friend that keeps those stray strands at bay. Of course, this begs the question: what is the best broom for dog hair?

You might think all brooms are the same, but some are much better at picking up those pesky pet hairs than others. Whether you’re looking for a broom to keep your hardwood floors fluff-free, or something for getting dog hair out of carpet fibers, we’ve rounded up the best brooms for you to choose from.   

Top Dog Hair Brooms: What Made the List

small white dog sitting on hardwood floor next to a pile of fur and a broom

Our List

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Vetstreet may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

When selecting the best brooms that pick up dog hair, we considered a variety of factors, including:

Effectiveness. We took a look at how well the different brooms on our list worked on different surfaces, making sure to call out whether they’re good for hard floors, rugs, etc., along with areas in which they may not be as effective.

Material/durability. From metal to rubber to plastic, we looked at the bristle material of each option, along with how well it may hold up to regular use.

Reviews. We checked out customer reviews for all products and only selected brooms with a high number of positive reviews. We also used our experience as dog parents to some pretty heavy-shedding breeds. (We wouldn’t want to add up how many hours we spend sweeping up after our dogs… but it’s a lot!) 

Price. Finally, we took the price of each broom into account, including options for all budgets. 

7 Best Brooms for Dog Hair

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Vetstreet may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

From multifunctional brooms to those specifically designed for carpets or hard floors, here are our top seven picks for keeping your home clean and free from fur.

Overall Best Broom for Dog Hair

Our pick: FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

If you’re only going to choose one pet hair broom for your house, the FURemover is a great selection. This push broom has short bristles constructed of 100 percent natural rubber. The bristles have an electrostatic charge that attracts dust and pet hair, making cleaning up quicker and easier. The integrated squeegee edge is great for collecting pet hair from under couches and tables, but it can also be used to clean up small spills. Once you’ve finished sweeping up, just rinse the broom head in hot, soapy water.  


  • Sturdy, extendable handle 
  • Suitable for hard floors and short-pile carpets or rugs  
  • Wide 12-inch head for quicker cleaning
  • Good value for the money 


  • Rubber may degrade over time 
  • Not great for cleaning small areas 

Best Pet Hair Carpet Rake

Our Pick: Roberts Dog Hair Carpet Rake & Groomer

Roberts Dog Hair Carpet Rake & Groomer

Once pet hair settles into carpets and rugs, it can be a nightmare to remove. This carpet hair rake uses a ‘push-pull’ motion to lift pet hair to the surface, so you can vacuum it up. The small teeth get right into the pile of your carpet, which helps make your carpet look like new! It also works great on plush rugs, although you may need someone to hold the rug so it doesn’t move around as you’re raking.    


  • Three-part handle for easy storage
  • Wide head to cover large areas 
  • Made with a durable cold rolled steel handle
  • Head has a double row of spikes


  • Only lifts hair to the surface; you’ll still need to vacuum it up 
  • Higher price point 

Best Rubber Broom for Pet Hair

Our pick: Conliwell Rubber Broom  

Conliwell Rubber Broom  

Similar to our overall best broom for dog hair, this option has rubber bristles that are electrostatically charged and actively attract pet hair as you’re sweeping. A squeegee scraper edge is perfect for collecting small spills from around your dog’s water bowl, and it also comes with a microfiber cloth for polishing, as well as a smaller brush that can even be used on pets themselves.     


  • Telescopic handle 
  • Washable broom head
  • Ideal for hard surfaces, but also works on rugs and soft furnishings 
  • Lightweight design
  • Smaller brush included


  • Handle is a little flimsy 
  • Rubber bristles can degrade over time 

Best Extendable Broom for Dog Hair

Our pick: OXO Good Grips Sweep Set  

OXO Good Grips Sweep Set  

Sometimes the best way to sweep up dog hair from hard-to-reach spaces is with a longer (or shorter!) brush, but you don’t necessarily want to buy two separate brooms for your home. That’s when the extendable handle of the OXO broom is perfect! It extends from 39 inches to 53 inches with a simple twist. And while it’s not specifically designed for cleaning up after dogs, the broom features bristles with a soft, feathered texture to effectively collect pet hair. When you’re done, just sweep it into the included dustpan.


  • Extendable broom handle
  • Large-capacity dustpan features a comb to help capture and remove hairs 
  • Dustpan folds for easy storage


  • Higher price point 
  • Large broom head isn’t great for small areas 

Best Pet Hair Broom for Carpet

Our pick: LeBRUSH Pet Carpet Cleaner

LeBRUSH Pet Carpet Cleaner

Dog hair can be a challenge to clean off carpets and rugs, but this multifunctional carpet rake for pet hair makes it much easier. The patented design has two sides, one of which is covered with silicon-coated metal bristles that capture and lift pet hairs away from your carpets and rugs. It even works on deeply embedded hairs — and you might be surprised by how much it collects! The other side has a lint brush that’s perfect for soft furnishings.  


  • Suitable for carpets, rugs, and soft furnishings 
  • Double-sided design: bristles and lint brush
  • Collects and picks up pet hair
  • Extendable handle 
  • Includes a cleaning comb for the lint brush


  • Higher price point
  • Takes time to remove pet hair from rake after cleaning 

Best Broom for Dog Hair on Hardwood Floors

Our pick: Eyliden Broom and Dustpan Set 

Eyliden Broom and Dustpan Set 

Some pet parents say the best way to pick up dog hair on hardwood floors is by using a broom with long, soft bristles. This broom pulls double duty as an everyday option that’s great for capturing dust bunnies that collect under your furniture, as well as collecting that ever-present dog hair. The dustpan with integrated rubber lip makes it easy to grab any loose hair, while the integrated comb on the top of the pan helps to remove any trapped hairs from the broom so you don’t need to pull them out manually.  


  • Extendable handle 
  • Space-saving design 
  • No need to buy a separate dustpan
  • Good value


  • Works best for hardwood and tiled floors
  • Bristles are a little soft 

Best Electric Broom for Dog Hair 

Our pick: BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper

BISSELL Perfect Sweep Turbo Cordless Rechargeable Sweeper

A motorized sweeper makes cleaning up quicker, easier, and quieter than ever. Less noisy than a regular vacuum cleaner, this rechargeable sweeper works great on all types of floors, and the powered suction means you’ll get the job done in no time at all. What’s even better is that with every purchase, BISSELL donates to their foundation for homeless pets — so you can feel extra-good about cleaning up!  


  • Battery lasts for 60 minutes
  • Easy to empty 
  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Quiet operation  
  • BISSELL makes a donation to their homeless pet foundation with every purchase


  • Takes 12 hours to charge fully 
  • Dirt cup is a little small

Dog Hair Broom Buyer’s Guide 

What is the Best Broom for Dog Hair?

There’s no such thing as the perfect broom for every type of dog hair on all types of floors. And the best broom for a pet parent with an Aussiedoodle and hardwood floors may be different than the right choice for someone with a Great Dane and carpets. 

But the key is first to look for brooms that pick up dog hair from a specific surface. Bear in mind that even the best broom to pick up dog hair from tiled floors isn’t going to do a great job on carpets or rugs. Once you know the floor type you want to clean, you can look at all the other factors to consider. 

What to Look For in a Dog Hair Broom

  • Type of bristles. Brooms with long, flexible plastic bristles are a great choice for hard floors. So are brooms with short rubber or silicone bristles, which also work pretty well on short-pile carpets. For deep-pile carpets, a carpet rake broom is best at lifting out pet hair.    
  • Style. An upright broom is a good choice for cleaning small or narrow spaces, whereas a push broom is better suited for larger areas.  
  • Head size. Brooms with a small, maneuverable head are ideal for corners and under furniture. Those with larger heads will make a quicker job of big rooms.    
  • Price. Most pet brooms are a good value, although heavy-duty models and those with dustpans can cost a little more. Whatever your budget, you’ll find a broom to suit your needs. 
  • Handle. For cleaning small areas, a shorter handle allows for more maneuverability. But cleaning large areas is quicker with a broom that has a longer handle.      
  • Ease of cleaning. For the best results, you’ll need to remove pet hair from the broom as you’re cleaning. Some brooms come with a dustpan that includes teeth to remove hair. For others, you’ll need to pull the hair off manually.   

How to Get Rid of Dog Hair on Floors

brown dog sitting in background of photo of a dustpan filled with dog hair and dust

Unfortunately, there’s no magic hack for fully getting rid of dog hair on your floors, but choosing the right broom will definitely make things a whole lot easier. If your dog is a heavy shedder, you might find you need to sweep up every day. If your dog doesn’t shed a lot, a couple of times a week might be enough.  

If you’re sweeping carpets with a rake broom, you’ll probably need to go over them with a vacuum cleaner to remove all the hair you’ve raked up. And while even the best brooms for dog hair might do a great job of getting rid of the fluff, they can’t do anything about any lingering doggy odors. Adding a pet odor eliminator into your cleaning routine is a great way to make sure your house is not only a fur-free zone, but also smells fresh too.