You love spoiling your cats with new toys. Having those toys strewn about your house for you to constantly clean up, however? Not so much. This is where a cat toy box can be a huge help.

Granted, you still have to get the toys into the box, but at least you’ll have a central location to keep them. If you’ve never looked for a cat toy box, you might be surprised how many are on the market. Want help narrowing down the options? Use our guide to help you make the best selection.

Our Top Cat Toy Box Picks

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Vetstreet may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Types of Cat Toy Boxes

Numerous reasons make purchasing a cat toy box a wise idea, including your sanity. “Organizing your home gives a sense of calm and control,” says Brenda Scott, owner of Tidy My Space, a professional organizer in Ontario, Canada, and mom to Abe, an 11-year-old feline who recently lost his twin brother Mike. 

Plus, by having your cat toys in a central location, you can keep track of items that need to be repaired or pitched. “Cat toys tend to get well loved (torn and ripped), so it’s important to inspect the toys’ conditions regularly to make sure stuffing or other parts of those toys don’t pose choking hazards,” Scott says. 

Enter “cat toy boxes” into your Internet browser, though, and you’ll be swamped with choices. The good news is that they do have some unifying features, which can help narrow things down a bit. 

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect to see when it comes to cat toy storage:

Different shapes and sizes. Cat toy boxes are square, rectangular, or circular and come in different sizes in terms of their height, width, and depth. Some even have cutouts in the front to make it more convenient for your cat to enter. 

Easy-to-clean materials. Most are made from woven fibers, cotton, or wood and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Colors that blend. Manufacturers tend to use colors and patterns that allow cat toy boxes to blend into any home décor.

Handles or no handles. Some come with bona fide handles, while others have openings on the sides or nothing at all. 

Lids or no lids. While some cat toy boxes have lids, most of them don’t, which allows your kitty easy access to their playthings.

How We Selected Our Cat Toy Box Picks

cat playing in toy basket

In addition to talking to Scott, we considered numerous variables when selecting the cat toy boxes on our list, including:

Overall design. We looked at the size and shape of each pet toy box, as well as whether they included things like handles, lids, folding capabilities, etc.

Appearance. We thought about how well the boxes on our list might blend into a home environment, selecting options that complemented lots of different types of décor. 

Ease of cleaning. Since these boxes are supposed to help keep your home clean, we wanted to make sure that they weren’t too tough to keep clean.

Online reviews. Finally, we checked out reviews from other pet parents to see how well each box worked in their homes.

6 Best Cat Toy Boxes 

All featured products are chosen at the discretion of the author. However, Vetstreet may make a small affiliate commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Ready to take a deeper dive into these cat toy boxes to determine which one is best for you and your kitty? Check out our favorite picks for cat toy storage.

Overall Best Cat Toy Box

Our pick: Geyecete Weave Rope Cat Box 

cat toy basket

The simplicity and subtleness of this cat toy storage basket makes it a standout. It’s crafted from a soft, chemical-free weave rope that’s sturdy enough to keep its shape and accented with “cat toys” script. The built-in handles on the sides make the basket easy to move, and thanks to the neutral color combination, you can display it anywhere in the house. 


  • Features a cute two-tone design
  • Integrated handles for easy carrying
  • Can be cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge, and creases can be steamed out
  • Affordably priced 


  • Only one color choice 

Best Cat Toy Box with Lid

Our pick: Morezi Large Cat Toy Storage with Lid Basket Organizer

cat toy basket for storage of items

This toy box for cats will store all of your favorite feline’s toys — and then some. The extra-roomy box comes in a neutral gray color with a pawprint and “cat toys” on the front. Side handles allow you to transport it with ease, and a divider in the box separates the bin into two compartments with two separate lids. The divider is removable, though, if you just want one large bin. You can even position the lids so they’re hidden behind the box.   


  • Made from lightweight canvas 
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Cleans easily with a damp cloth or sponge 
  • Available in other colors/designs


  • Lids cannot be removed, but they can be left open and positioned to be hidden behind the box
  • Most alternate color/style choices have a dog-specific design, but there are few that are neutral enough to be used for cats as well 

Best Stylish Cat Toy Box 

Our pick: Pottery Barn Cat Storage Basket

wicker cat basket

Count on Pottery Barn to ensure that your cat toy box is every bit as stylish as the décor in your house. The basket is made from natural hyacinth that’s woven around an iron frame to give it staying and standing power. The best part? It’s shaped like a cute cat head. 


  • Adorable design
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Basket will blend with most any color scheme in your house
  • Can be picked up at select stores


  • More expensive than most cat toy boxes
  • Only one color choice

Best Cat Toy Bin

Our pick: Vumdua Cat Toy Box

cat toy bin

Whether you call this a cat toy box or cat toy bin, one thing’s for certain: it’s as stylish as it is functional. Wooden handles on the sides give the bin a classic feel, and the gray felt construction adds a touch of coziness. A metal wire frame at the top helps the bin stand upright. Just don’t be surprised if your cat kicks the toys out and uses this as a bed instead!  


  • Features a sweet kitty graphic and “cat stuff” text
  • Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Can be folded if necessary 


  • Edges may cave slightly when cats climb in
  • No other color choices

Best Cat Toy Basket

Our pick: HiChen Large Woven Cotton Rope Storage Basket

Cat toy basket

This adorable, washable storage basket can be used for cat toys or any of your feline’s belongings. Made with cotton rope, so it’s soft to the touch. Choose from one of several colors and fill to your heart’s content. It measures 15.7″ x 11.8″, so you can stuff a lot of your cat’s favorite toys inside. The neutral colors and sweet cat face design add special touches to your decor.


  • Cat face design makes this one of the most adorable options on our list
  • Customers loved the combination of style and function
  • Spot wash with warm water and dry near a radiator or in the sun
  • Made of soft cotton rope


  • Cannot machine wash or dry this basket
  • Playful cats may be tempted to bite the ears 

Best Personalized Cat Toy Box

Our pick: Mijo Pet Products Personalized Cat Toy Box

cat toy box with cat sitting inside

If your ideal toy box is made from wood like the ones you had as a kid, you’ll love this option for your cat. The handmade custom cat toy box is painted in one of a few color choices and features your cat’s name on a sweet piece cat emblem. You’ll know for sure whose toys go in this box. We love that the Etsy seller offers three size choices for all different households.


  • Three sizes (small, medium, or large)
  • Made of wood
  • Name is customizable 
  • Customers raved about the quality
  • Makes an ideal gift for a new cat parent
  • Multiple color options


  • Not returnable 
  • May need more than one for multiple cat households

Cat Toy Box Buying Guide

To ensure you’re making the right cat toy storage choice for your kitty, your space, and yourself, take a look at our shopping tips before you buy. 

Determine how big of a cat toy box you need. Take inventory of the toys that you have to make sure you purchase a box that can hold them all. You don’t want to invest in one container only to learn that you’ll need to purchase another one. Besides, keeping these toys together allows for easier, quicker clean-up, Scott says.

Decide where you’re going to put it in your house. This makes it easier to narrow down shapes, sizes, and colors.  

Look for washable or wipeable options. Convenience is key, and having a toy box for cats that’s easy to clean is going to make your life easier in the long run.

Whether you need a lid. Scott recommends going lid-less so that it’s easy for your cat to get in without help. Yet, might there be times when you want a lid? Think this through before buying. 

If the box does have a lid, make sure it can be removed. While it may look neater to have the toys in a nice lidded box, it sort of defeats the purpose if your cat can’t access them. You want to make sure your cat can actually get to their toys when you’re not around.

Keep it simple. Decorative accents (tassels, pom-poms, etc.) can be stylish, but they can also be super tempting to curious kitties. Avoid features on the box that would entice your cat to eat or remove them.  

Remember, you’ve got options. You don’t have to buy a cat-specific toy box to store your toys. Plenty of other containers will work, including those made for people or dogs. Just avoid using a cardboard box, as it could be easily chewed and swallowed and pose a choking hazard, Scott says. If you’re interested in other ways to contain your kitty’s stuff, do some research to check out additional cat toy storage ideas. 

Cat Toy Box Tips for Keeping Tidy

cat toy box with a cat peeking out

Want more tips from a professional organizer about how to keep your house tidy, even with a collection of cat toys? Scott shares her top three strategies:

  1. Rehome toys versus organizing them. Scott doesn’t organize her cat’s toys, but she does rehome them at the end of the day or when her cat loses interest, placing them inside the open holes in the cat tree.
  1. Have a central location for pet toys and gear. “This makes it fast and easy for all family members to tidy up,” Scott says. 
  1. Avoid buying lots of toys. Cats generally don’t need tons of toys, so before you buy them, see what attracts your cat first. Some, for instance, like catnip mice, while others love wands.