You never know when you might need skunk sprays for dogs. After all, dogs are naturally curious, which often means getting into precarious situations. They don’t often realize until it’s too late. If you mess with a skunk, you’ll get sprayed. Unfortunately, the scent of skunk lingers long past the initial encounter. This is where skunk sprays for dogs come in handy.

Skunk sprays can eliminate the skunk odor, clean your pet, and add a pleasant fragrance that hides any lingering skunk smell. Several types use unique formulas to eradicate the scent, but which is the best?

Skunk Spray for Dogs: Our Top Picks

We searched for the top-rated skunk sprays that were well-priced, effective, and highly recommended by other pet parents. Then, we sorted them into special categories to make choosing the best skunk spray for you and your dog easier.

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Our List

8 Skunk Sprays for Dogs To Consider

It can be miserable when your dog smells like a skunk, but by using the right product, you can start to eliminate it altogether. We’ve compiled some of the best skunk sprays for dogs that actually work.

Best Overall Skunk Spray for Dogs

Our Pick: Nature’s Miracle Skunk Odor Remover

skunk sprays for dogs Natures Miracle

If you have one product, make it this one (our expert groomer even recommends it). This skunk odor remover from Nature’s Miracle gets rid of the skunk smell; it doesn’t just cover it up. A bio-enzymatic formula breaks down the scent oils and allows them to wash away when you rinse. 

The larger-than-usual bottle is great for multiple applications. It can also be used on furniture, carpet, or in the laundry. It has three different scents to help hide the skunk smell: original, citrus, and lavender.


  • Eliminates skunk odor
  • Large bottle
  • Several fragrances to choose form
  • Can be used on furniture or in the laundry

Things to Consider

  • Not ideal for travel

Best Natural Skunk Spray for Dogs

Our Pick: Skout’s Honor® Skunk Odor Eliminator

Skouts Honor skunk sprays for dogs

For a natural take on skunk spray, try this one with mineral- and plant-based ingredients. It doesn’t just cover up skunk spray either (although the added natural fragrance helps with this, too). Instead, a biodegradable mineral deodorizer breaks down skunk odor and washes it away. Be sure to cover your dog entirely with the spray anywhere they smell since it requires contact with the skunk spray to work.

When used as directed, it’s safe for your pets, furniture, and family. It’s eco-friendly, uses no harsh ingredients, and the brand is cruelty-free.


  • Uses only mineral and plant-based ingredients
  • Safe for pets, furniture, and people
  • Eco-friendly and cruelty-free brand

Things to Consider

  • Not for dogs under 5 pounds

Best Veterinarian Recommended Dog Skunk Spray

Our Pick: Skunk-Off Soaker

Skunk Off Skunk Sprays for dogs

Reviews say that this is the one product recommended by their veterinarian. This skunk soaker (also available in a spray) will remove skunk odor. It claims to be a permanent solution—a brave claim, but the positive reviews back it up. Because it uses a proprietary essential oil blend and not an enzyme, it can be used after other skunk spray solutions have failed.

Skunk-Off can also be used anywhere in your home that smells like skunk; just follow the fabric-specific instructions on the bottle. It’s safe to use around children, too.


  • Safe to use over previous skunk treatments
  • Claims to permanently eliminate skunk smell
  • Low cost option

Things to Consider

  • Depending on your dog’s size, multiple bottles may be needed.

Best Skunk Spray for Dogs for Your Budget

Our Pick: Arm & Hammer For Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

Arm and Hammer super deodorizing spray for dogs

Eliminating the skunk smell doesn’t have to be costly. For under $6, this deodorizing spray will help remove and cover strong skunk scent. It’s not specifically for skunk odor, so it may not

entirely remove the smell with one application, but it can be an intelligent choice to have on hand whenever your pet starts to smell.

The spray uses baking soda and natural plant extracts to remove bad smells and add a pleasant kiwi fragrance. It’s pH-balanced, so it won’t irritate your pet’s skin, and the gentle yet effective formula leaves your pet smelling fresh and clean.


  • Affordably priced
  • Uses natural plant extracts for fragrance
  • Baking soda helps deodorize your pet

Things to Consider

  • Not specifically designed for skunk spray

Best Skunk Spray for Dogs with Sensitive Skin

Our Pick: Hyponic Hypoallergenic Premium De-Skunk Mist

Hyponic deskunking spray for dogs

For dogs with sensitive skin, this spray can remove odor without irritation. The formula is mostly plant extracts, with the added power of hydrogen peroxide. It’s made without sulfates, silicones, parabens, PEGs, or mineral oil — all ingredients that have the potential to bother dogs with sensitive skin.

After saturating your pet’s fur and skin and letting the mixture set for about five minutes, the spray claims to eliminate up to 90% of the skunk odor. Because the formula is so gentle, use it multiple times as needed.


  • Uses natural, gentle ingredients
  • Can also remove other pet odors
  • Hypoallergenic 

Things to Consider

  • Do not use over other skunk spray treatments

Best Smelling Skunk Spray for Dogs

Our Pick: kin+kind Organic Odor Neutralizer for Dogs & Cats & Homes

Dog Smell Coat Spray from Kin and Kind

While not designed specifically for skunk spray, this odor remover for dogs will leave your pet smelling much better—like almond and vanilla. This spray can be used in conjunction with stronger skunk odor removal shampoos and sprays to help cover up and remove bad smells and can be used in the future for any other pet odors.

This spray uses minerals to absorb bad odors and pet-safe essential oils to add fragrance. The brand uses organic ingredients that help nourish and protect your dog’s coat. And if you absolutely love the smell, it’s safe to use on furniture and carpet, too (just test a small area first).


  • Uses pet-safe essential oils 
  • Minerals deodorize bad odors
  • Can be used on furniture

Things to Consider

  • May not completely eliminate the skunk smell on its own

Best Travel Skunk Spray for Dogs

Our Pick: Skunk Away Skunk Odor Remover

Skunk Away is a skunk spray for dogs to remove odor

If your pet gets sprayed when you’re away from home, having a solution on hand is a must to remedy the situation quickly. This odor remover requires no rinsing (although you can bathe your pet after 20 minutes if needed), so it’s perfect for using on the go. There is no added fragrance, which means you can smell exactly where your dog still smells and continue adding spray until the skunk odor is gone.

The spray uses a unique ingredient they call Neutralization Factor-7™ to stop skunk odor molecules from smelling. You need to mix the powder with water immediately before use and the product needs to be used within 7 days.


  • No need to rinse immediately
  • Formulated without fragrance
  • Unique ingredients not used in other products

Things to Consider

  • Formula may oxidize and cause temporary fur color changes, but can be washed away

Best Unscented Skunk Spray for Dogs

Our Pick: EcoSpaw Skunk Be Gone

Skunk Be Gone spray from Eco Spaw

While you may want to cover up the smell of skunk with added fragrance, there’s a benefit to using an unscented product: you can be sure you’ve completely eliminated the skunk odor without your nose being confused with other scents. The EcoSpaw spray uses nanotechnology to break apart the skunk spray odor molecules, which can then be rinsed away. It does this gently, using organic ingredients for a hypoallergenic and pH-balanced formula.

Unlike some products that require you to be careful around your dog’s face, this product is “tearless”  and non-toxic. It’s also good for your pet’s coat and skin, adding shine and removing oil and dandruff. If you prefer added fragrance, it’s also available in a lemon scent.


  • Light lemon scent
  • pH-balanced and hypoallergenic formula
  • Tearless formula is safe for using on your pet’s face

Things to Consider

  • If you like the formula but prefer a scent, it’s also available in a lemon fragrance
Skunk posing on a table

Dog Skunk Spray Buyer’s Guide

Removing skunk odors is tricky, so choose a product with a good track record. Don’t just look for products that smell nice; choose those that actually eliminate skunk spray odor. These often contain enzymes or proprietary formulas that infiltrate the odor molecules and remove them from your pet.

Make sure you buy enough product, even if it means picking up two bottles. Skunk odor sprays work best when they can fully saturate your dog’s coat and skin, so don’t skimp on the application.

While skunk sprays can be used in conjunction with shampoos, they can usually be used alone. The right product should be strong enough to remove most of the skunk smell on its own.

Some skunk sprays for dogs are fragranced. Sometimes this can mask the skunk odor and can be beneficial, just make sure you like the scent!

What are Skunk Sprays for Dogs?

Skunk spray for dogs is typically a liquid that neutralizes the scent of skunk. It can be taken on the go for emergencies (make sure you use a rinse-less formula) or kept at home. Only use it after wiping any excess skunk spray off your pet and before getting them wet. 

Most are sprayed and left on for several minutes to penetrate the odor molecules before being rinsed off. Always check the specific instructions on the skunk spray to make sure it’s safe to use on your pet’s face and near the eyes—many dogs are sprayed near the head area, so this is important.

Some are also safe for furniture and carpet — a must-have if your pet came inside before you washed them off.

Remember that the smell may not completely disappear even when using skunk sprays. It can take weeks for the smell to dissipate, and it can still be present years later when your dog gets wet. Melissa Riley, a groomer, has seen this firsthand. “[I] always let pet parents know it’s not a sure fix,” said Riley. “I have a Shepard client now, Kona, that was sprayed about 8 months ago, and every time I get her wet, I can still smell the odor faintly.”

Types of Dog Skunk Spray

You’ll encounter several different kinds when searching for a dog skunk spray.

  • Deodorizers: Many skunk sprays are deodorizers, which is important — instead of covering up the smell with a more potent fragrance, deodorizers encapsulate the skunk odor molecules and whisk them away. Different formulas may use their unique ingredients to do this.
  • Fragranced: Some sprays contain scents that cover skunk smell well. These alone won’t eliminate the skunk smell, but can be used with deodorizers to improve your pet’s smell.
  • Homemade Sprays: You can create your skunk spray eliminator formula in a pinch. It usually contains a mixture of baking soda, mild dishwashing soap, and hydrogen peroxide in water. 
Skunk with dog posing

Tips for Using Skunk Spray for Dogs

First, read the instructions and warnings for your particular product. Do you need to rinse it off? Leave it on for several minutes? Is it safe to use on the face, or to reapply frequently? All of this will dictate how you use the spray.

In general, you’ll need to thoroughly coat your dog’s fur (including their skin) in order to cover it completely. The formula needs to reach every scent molecule to completely remove the skunk smell. This can be difficult to do. If the smell still lingers, Riley recommends using a dog-safe perfume on your pet’s fur to help hide the odor.

If the skunk smell has gotten on your furniture, you can usually treat it with the same spray you used on your pet. But before using a fabric-approved skunk spray, test it first to make sure it doesn’t change the color or ruin the fabric.

If you don’t have skunk spray on hand when it happens, you can try a homemade option. “Do not get them wet! Make a baking soda-based paste with baking soda, Dawn dish soap, and hydrogen peroxide,” said Riley. Then use this on your pet’s fur.

If you notice any changes in your pet after they are sprayed by a skunk or after using a new product on them, notify your vet immediately. This can happen if the skunk spray or product gets into their eyes.

Remember that while skunk sprays for dogs can lessen the smell of skunk, most sprays won’t completely eliminate the smell. Some dogs still smell of skunk when they get wet years later. But by properly treating your pet right away, you can help lessen the scent as soon as possible.