Despite the worried facial expression the breed often wears, Boxers have the potential to be quite silly and playful — not to mention loyal. So it’s no surprise the Boxer has long ranked among the top 10 most popular breeds in the U.S., according to the American Kennel Club.  

This 50-to-70-pound dog has a bit of a stubborn streak and needs to be trained with consistency and firmness (but never harshness or punishment). But she can be a wonderful family dog who’s suspicious of strangers but not inherently aggressive.     

We asked our readers to send in photos of their wrinkly-faced Boxers, and we’ve picked 12 sweet photos for our gallery. 

Spaught is 3 years old and full of personality, his owner says. "He loves to play fetch, has never met a person or dog he doesn't love."

Gerty, left, cuddles with her best buddy, Gus. Gus' and Gertie's owners say the nearly 9-year-old Gus is a "gentle giant ... Every kid loves him. He's energetic even at his old age!" He loves to snuggle, so Gerty has been a great match. She was a stray who was taken in by her family when she was about a year old. She fit right in, becoming a loving companion for their three children and keeping Gus company. "Even though we got her her own bed, she prefers laying next to Gus on his!" says their owner.

Caesar is a lucky — and gorgeous — guy. His owner "drove all the way from Virginia to Ohio to rescue him and he is the king of the castle," says his owner's daughter.

Meet Rocky. His owners say he's "the sweetest, most mellow Boxer — he even loves the cat — but he still does the Boxer wiggle and flop. We still can't understand why he was returned three times before we adopted him." Rocky is in his forever home now, though. His family just celebrated his "four year adoptaversary."

Annabel Lee, or AB, will be 6 in October. She's known around her home as "the princess" and she likes to sleep smack in the middle of the bed so she can touch both of her owners at the same time. "She tells you when it's dinner time and she likes to be the boss of the treat jar, standing in the kitchen 'talking' to anyone who is close to the treats," her owner says. "She's stubborn but smart ... She's the world's best dog, she's friends with everyone ... She brings joy to our home every day!"

At 2 1/2 years old, Moxie is "sweet as pie," says her owner. She lives with her bestie, Fredo, an English Bulldog Boxer mix. They spend their days cuddling together on the couch.

"This is Roma as a puppy ... could she get any cuter?" asks her owner. It would be hard for us to imagine! "She's a silly, goofy little girl who loves to play ball. But she knows the importance of stopping to smell the flowers every once in a while."

Can you spot the Boxer among the stuffed animals? At 12 years old, the patient and playful Sophie has no problem indulging in the antics of her family's kids. She'll wear costumes and lay still while they surround her with stuffed animals — and she loves it.

Chance's owner jokes she got this look from her pup because she told him to get a job. Boxers have a great sense of humor, and they often need a job so they don't get into trouble!

Lola is 3 years old. "She loves walks," says her owner. "She's your typical Boxer, either completely exuberant or a couch potato and loves people — especially kids."

Cooper is a “major goofball,” his owner says. “Lazy when you're lazy but always ready to play when you are. Will follow you around regardless of where you go.” Cooper also loves his treats and is willing to do tricks for them.

King, who’s 3, looks like he’s living up to his regal name — but it sounds like he’s a also a big softy. “He is so happy all the time and playful. He's also very patient and loving,” says his owner. “He loves kids, strangers, other dogs — and anyone who will play with him.”
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