It’s no secret that cats seem to be taking over the Internet, one social media platform at a time. And we’re pretty sure Instagram was built for cat lovers, because what’s better than cat pics? Awesome cat pics with great filters! Check out these catcentric Instagram accounts managed by humans who truly appreciate the feline kind’s unique beauty and personality.


Location: New York, NY
Current Number of Followers: 186,000 
We can’t get enough of perpetually worried-looking Sam. This beautiful cat is all white except his adorable black tail and, you got it: two black, worried-looking eyebrows. He appears concerned about sitting on the counter. He seems concerned about lounging on the floor. He looks like he’s concerned about the laundry basket. He’s even seemingly concerned about dinnertime! Sam’s owners rescued him from the streets after someone abandoned him in a carrier between two NYC apartment buildings. He’s now living the high life, free of worries!


Location: Moscow
Current Number of Followers:
If you’re a sucker for cool-looking cats like we are, check out the account KingsofMeow, featuring beautiful photographs of a pair of Orientals: the “Senior King,” Richard, who’s an Oriental black-spotted boy and “Junior King,” Yury, who’s an Oriental marble-red boy. These large-eared, lithe and agile cats are perfect subjects for their talented human photographers.


Location: North Bend, Wash.
Current Number of Followers: 4,415
Brothers-in-law Shaun and Tom are certified arborists who volunteer their time to rescue cats stuck in trees all over Washington State. What could be better than a couple of guys rescuing cats out of the kindness of their hearts? Photos of the rescues! Using their helmet Go Pro (so, don’t worry — there’s no stopping the rescue efforts for a token selfie!), these kindhearted guys capture the sometimes harrowing rescues for their Instagram account, which makes for some truly cool photos. Although, we have to say this account is a great reminder that it’s better to keep your kitties indoors.


Location: China
Current Number of Followers: 315,000
We just can’t even with Snoopy Babe, and it appears his 315K followers just can’t either! There’s nothing about Snoopy that isn’t over-the-top adorable. This Exotic Shorthair has huge eyes and a sweet innocent face, not to mention what appears to be fluffiest of fluffy soft, white fur. He shows up on Instagram in funny hats, crazy costumes and unusual collars, making us swoon from the cute overload.


Location: Orlando, Fla.
Current Number of Followers: 405
They may not have huge numbers now, but keep an eye on the Cats Herd You crew because They. Are. Awesome. Meet Ashton, Pierre and Newton, a trio of kitties who get into all kinds of (adorable) mischief, as cats do. The difference here is this herd has a personal photographer who has a knack for capturing every moment purrfectly and making cat lovers’ hearts swell.

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