Cute Pet Contest Funny Cat

We humans are always looking for guidance for how to be better, more efficient, more effective, happier and more lovable. Have you ever noticed that cats don’t really seem to care what you think of them? They have a certain confidence that their life has meaning and purpose and everything they do is important and relevant. It’s time for us bipeds to learn a little something from the feline kind.

Go for the Chicken

When a cat wants something, there is no changing his mind. Whether he’s stalking a spider across the room or eyeballing your plate of chicken breasts, it’s tough to dissuade a cat from something he wants. Goals are important, and in our disjointed human world, a feline-like focus may be just what we need to make progress in our personal and professional lives. Incredible things happen when we put our energy into a single purpose.

Aim High

Cats have an uncanny ability to jump to places that look impossible to reach. First, they take a good long look at where they want to be. Next, they survey the distance and landing area. Third, they focus and finally, they jump. Usually it looks so effortless that you might wonder if they could have gone higher. Take a lesson from the kitties and aim high. You’ll likely get farther than you think. And, if you happen to miss, chances are you’ll land on your feet.

Know and Love Who Feeds You

Make no mistake: cats know who feeds them. These people are often held in higher regard than others in the household and receive certain perks like snuggles, head butts or just regular quiet companionship. We humans often take the ones who care for us most for granted. Appreciate people in your life who love you, care for you, nurture you and, yes, feed you.

Perk up Your Ears and Listen

Cats are always aware of what’s going on. When they stop and stare into the distance, they’re listening. When they nap, they are still alert to their surroundings. Have you ever made a slight noise near a napping cat? You’ll notice his ear twitches and swivels. A cat is always paying attention. Learn from cats and recognize there are important, valuable conversations going on all around you. Stop talking for a bit and listen. Put down your phone and pay attention to what’s happening in the world around you — you don’t want to miss it!

Live in the Moment

Cute Pet Contest Cat Sunbathing

Do you ever wonder why cats choose to do the things they do? Why do they suddenly decide to sit on your lap, move to another room in the house or race up and down the stairs? Perhaps it’s because they simply felt like it. We humans place too many stipulations around what we feel we “should” be doing at any given time. You want to nap? Nap! You want to sit in the sun with your face turned toward the warmth? Do it! 

Be Nimble

Cats have a way of getting themselves in and out of situations quickly. This serves them well. Human life is all about trial and error and evolution. Today’s world requires us to be proactive but also flexible and reactive. With so much information and activity being thrown our way, we must be nimble enough to take advantage of opportunities and able to sidestep trouble when it comes.

There are so many things we can learn from cats if we take some time to study and emulate their behavior. The only exception might be delivering headless mice to the ones we love. It’s hard to imagine a lesson there, but we suppose there must be.

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