Woman and Cat Eskimo Kiss

It’s an age-old discussion: Are you a cat person or a dog person? Study after study tries to define what makes a cat person different from a dog person. In the end, the reports just prove that pet people are good people.

We don’t need statistics to show that animal people rock, but here are the top nonscientific reasons we absolutely adore cat people.

1. They See Past First Impressions

Cat people know first impressions don’t always matter. An initially skittish cat may be a little love bug once you get to know him. We love that cat people can see beyond an aloof feline exterior to the rumbling purr machine beneath.

2. They’re Awesome Detectives

Cats are wonderful little enigmas. And it takes someone special, with the right kind of insight, to figure out why they do the things they do. Is your cat not using the litterbox? Is he suddenly deciding he doesn’t like his favorite food? Are your windowsills all scratched up by kitty claws? Cat people know how to tap into their inner Sherlock Holmes to locate clues and get to the bottom of their cat’s behavior. So the next time you need a mystery solved, ask a cat person!

3. They’re Perceptive

Any cat owner will tell you that one key to a happy kitty is understanding his body language — and respecting it. Cat people get the nuances of the flick of a tail, the narrowing of the eyes or the silent meow and slow blink. They know when to give head rubs, when the butt needs a good scratching and, most important, when to keep their hands to themselves.

4. They’re Patient

Cat people understand how to take things slowly and earn trust when it comes to their feline friends. Cat people have endless amounts of patience because they realize it takes time to develop a relationship with your cat and the effort is well worth the wait. But the need for patience doesn’t end there. What cat owner hasn’t stayed in a chair, putting off meals and bathroom breaks, because a cat was snoozing soundly on her lap?

5. They’re Strategic Thinkers

Cats thrive on routine and familiarity, so cat people must be strategic thinkers when it comes to making changes in their kitties’ lives. Cat people plan for days for the right moment to grab their cat and slide him into the carrier for a trip to the vet, for example. Cat people obsess over the right time to move the litterbox to a new location or switch to a new food or (gasp!) bring a new pet into the house. These changes require planning, high-level strategy and a dash of creativity to drive successful outcomes.

6. They’re Softies

Cat people get wrapped around their kitty’s paw and have no problem staying there. Whether a cat is head butting for more petting, sleeping smack-dab in the middle of the bed or forcing his humans to buy the most expensive cat food in the store because it’s the one he prefers (this week), cat people gladly go to great lengths to make their felines happy and comfortable.

With all these wonderful attributes, it’s no wonder kitties love their cat people. And we do, too.

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