Cat in Box

The gift-giving (and receiving) season is upon us! And while ripping open packages is always a blast, cat lovers know that nothing can top the gift we already have curled up next to us on the couch. So here are six reasons why having a cat is the greatest gift of all.

The Best Gifts Are Lovely

Is there anything more beautiful than a cat? It’s hard to imagine. Cats are gorgeous, sleek, graceful and oh so soft. 

The Best Gifts Are Useful

Plenty of cats earn their keep by eliminating pesky bugs and making sure no rodent ever crosses your threshold. But even if your cat is not particularly helpful when it comes to critter control, he still has plenty of practical benefits. For example, cats help you create a household routine by making sure you know when it’s time for meals. Speaking of meals, who needs a fancy alarm clock when you have a cat who wakes you up for breakfast? And they’re even good for your health!

The Best Gifts Are Meaningful

What can be more meaningful than a lifelong friendship with someone who truly “gets” you? Who else but your beloved cat will sit with you in silent companionship as long as you want? And when you’ve grown tired of the silence and need someone to talk to, your cat will always offer you an ear. Now that is a meaningful relationship. 

The Best Gifts Make You Smile

Cats are funny, even when they don’t mean to be. A cat sees nothing wrong with squeezing into a space or container that appears to be way too small for his body. Cats also don’t mind racing up and down the stairs and then stopping to groom themselves as soon as they see you, as if nothing was amiss. Cats can even be hilarious when splayed out on their backs in a patch of sunlight on the floor. Living with a cat can put a smile on your face every day.

The Best Gifts Are an Experience

Loving a pet is an experience like no other. You and your cat traverse the highs and lows of life together. Your cat can provide hours of entertainment as he chases milk-jug lids or catnip-filled toys around the house. And during those times when the world has you feeling down, your cat can put you at ease with his soft purring

The Best Gifts Are Those You’ll Treasure Forever

From the moment these little furry felines show up in our lives, they have a way of burrowing deep in our hearts, creating memories and a unique love we’ll carry with us always. What a gift that is!

So after the gift giving is over and paper and boxes are strewn across the floor, just remember you already have the greatest gift of all: your cat. You know, the one who’s happily sleeping in one of the boxes you just tossed on the floor. 

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