Cat with a Christmas gift

Will you be picking up some sort of holiday treat for your cat this year? We certainly will (and we have a few ideas for what to buy), but we wanted to see how our seasonal shopping habits stacked up, so we surveyed 767 cat-owning Vetstreet readers to see whether they buy gifts for their kitties. 

Of the readers who have cats only (but no dogs), 90 percent give their kitties presents (with 54 percent saying they always do and 36 percent saying they sometimes do). Eighty-three percent of readers who have both cats and dogs also give their cats gifts. Looks like plenty of felines will have good reason to feel festive this holiday!

However, even though lots of cats will be receiving gifts, they don’t always fare quite as well as dogs, based on our survey. Forty-four percent of those who have cats and dogs buy their pets gifts of approximately equal value, regardless of species. Thirty-eight percent say they spend more on Fido’s gift than Fluffy’s, while just 1.5 percent spend more on the cat. 

That’s not all! We have plenty more cat gift shopping habits to delve into. 

What, Where and How Much?

We found some interesting trends regarding what cat owners spend on gifts and the types of gifts they buy.

The Spend: What do you typically shell out for cat gifts? Fifty percent of people say they spend $10–$25. Following that, 22 percent spend under $10 and 19 percent spend $26–$50. Seven percent of cat owners say they spend $51–$100 and just 2 percent say they spend more than $100 on pet gifts.

The Location: Are shoppers spending that money online or in person? Forty-five percent of cat owners are likely to shop both online and in stores, with 42 percent saying they prefer to shop in person and just 13 percent reporting that online shopping is the way to go. 

The Gifts: The most popular types of cat gifts were treats/food and toys — and they were the most popular choices by far, with more than twice as many votes as any other option. The next most common type of gifts good kitties are likely to find under the tree are home items (like scratching posts, cat trees, beds, bowls), followed by holiday-themed products (toys, clothing, etc.), then leashes, collars and harnesses. Services, like pet-sitting and grooming, are the least popular selection.

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