If you know anyone with a Pug, you might have noticed that people who love Pugs tend to really love Pugs. It’s a breed with a wildly devoted following, and who can blame their fans? Pugs are adorably wrinkly, generally fun-loving and often exhibit a completely charming personality. Plus, of course, there’s that curly tail.

We asked our readers to send us pictures of their Pugs, and below we’re sharing nine that we know you’ll love.

Kiah and Bindi are 8-year-old Pugs who love going on walks, getting yummy treats, snuggling on the couch and, of course, their mom and dad. "Aren't Puggies the best?" asks this owner.

Lucky is a rescue Pug. "He is my 3-year-old son's best friend and is the sweetest dog in the world," says his owner. "He loves to sleep, play and be loved. If you would let him, he would go with you everywhere or lay on you all day. He was a wonderful addition to our family."

Lulu is 9 months old and quite the New York Pug about town. "[She] loves everyone," says her owner, adding that Lulu is very (very, very, very, very) active.

This is Mary Todd Lincoln "on the best day of her life, with her boyfriends Bug (left) and Sarge (right)," says her owner. (It's worth noting that Mary Todd Lincoln has siblings named Martha Washington and Nancy Reagan.)

Miss Ellie joined her family as a foster in 2006 at the estimated age of 13. The senior Pug required four surgeries right off the bat, but that didn't sway her foster family — they ended up adopting her. "We were lucky enough to have her in our family for 2 1/2 years... but forever in our hearts!" says her owner. "She was a sweet, little elderly Pug, the Grandma of the group! She loved to be loved, loved to have belly rubs and loved to be with her family. She also loved to eat! She was so calm, easygoing and sweet!"

"My pug, Pippen, knows nothing but love. Love. Love. Love. Well, and food," says her owner. Bananas are a favorite treat.

Roxy shares an Instagram account with her sister, Lexi. "She likes long walks, sunsets and studs that make her laugh. Swipe right!" jokes her owner.

Chloe is a 13-year-old Pug who was adopted by her current family at the age of 3. "She had normal mobility for most of her life, but in the past year has developed a neurological problem that causes paralysis in the back legs, so she has been in a wheelchair for the last six months," says her owner. But, the wheelchair hasn't slowed her down too much. "She still loves treats and loves to eat. In fact, she has grown even more demanding! She's still getting used to her wheelchair, but gets around pretty well at dinnertime."

Rookie, on the left, is 4 years old, and Duke, on the right, is 11 years old. "[Duke] is such a good boy!" says his owner, adding that Rookie is also very good, but rambunctious. "I love my boys and they are joined at the hip. You never see one without the other!"
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