There are few things in this world that brighten our day more than springtime and puppies. So, naturally, we’re celebrating spring’s early return by watching our favorite YouTube videos of puppies frolicking in the great outdoors!

It was a tall order, but somehow we managed to narrow down all the adorable clips into our top five picks. Check them out below! One word of caution, though: Keep curious canines off of grass that has been recently treated with fertilizer or pesticides to help ensure a safe and healthy outing.

Corgi Puppies Go to College

The arrival of springtime on a college campus usually means that the students slowly reappear from their winter dorm-room hibernation. But at Georgia Tech, something very different happened — and it was magical!

To the Dog Park We Go

For many of us, this winter has been too long — we’re just bursting to get out and head to the dog park! That’s why we loved this quick (but hilarious) clip of Leonard the Boston Terrier puppy; he’s just as excited as we are about spring weather.

Fluff Balls Frolic in the Yard

Great Pyrenees dogs are known for their thick, white coats that helped them stay warm in their native Pyrenees mountains. But as the video below shows, even a fluffy dog can still appreciate a sunny spring day.

Brave Shar-Pei Pups Set Out to Explore

The great outdoors can be full of mystery and wonder — especially when you’ve never been outside before! These Shar-Pei puppies aren’t quite sure what to make of this whole new world, but they look cute trying to figure it out.

A Sweet Springtime Snooze

What we wouldn’t give to be this teeny tiny puppy right now. Enjoying an afternoon nap in the warm spring breeze is the very definition of happiness.
On a scale of one to a million tail wags, how excited are you and your dog for spring? Tell us in the comments below.

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