Greetings from New York City and the 139th Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! We’re hanging out ringside and backstage in the benching area to bring you all the action. Check out the gallery below to see our favorite moments.

Sophia Rogers sits in a booth with her 5-year-old Great Dane, Joy.

We don’t know if this Labrador Retriever won or lost today, but he sure looks happy to be at Westminster.

Handler Michael Scott adjusts the front foot of Portuguese Water Dog Matisse, considered a favorite to win Best in Show this year.

Marianne Melucci listens to Pandora as she grooms her Scottish Terrier, Roxy. That plaid apron is on point!

Parson Russell Terrier Cyprus waits patiently for the Norfolk Terriers to finish showing so his breed can enter the ring.

Do you like getting your hair done? So does Daniel the English Springer Spaniel.

Romeo shows off his Samoyed smile backstage.

Kelly the Wire Fox Terrier is so excited she can hardly sit still.

A Toy Fox Terrier stands up on his handler in the ring.

This Bedlington Terrier’s registered name is Peremy One Singular Sensation because she was the only puppy in her litter.

Do you recognize Nigel the Norwich Terrier? He was featured in the New York Times with his owner, Denis Johnson.

A Smooth Fox Terrier watches the audience from inside the show ring.

This friendly Australian Shepherd greeted (or maybe herded) everyone who passed by him.

Cooper the Siberian Husky takes a rest before his breed competes.

Timber the Chesapeake Bay Retriever’s hobbies include swimming (of course) and rolling in horse poop. (He lives on a farm.)

Ruru the Cane Corso is all tuckered out. (We are too.)

Evie the Whippet isn't ready to get out of her giraffe-print jammies just yet.

Larimar the Cardigan Welsh Corgi's registered name is Caribbean Gem, and she's so friendly that her owner says "she'll go home with you."

Richie the Shih Tzu gets a lovely red bow in his hair. How stylish.

David Sphris, a breeder/owner/handler from Kansas City, trims some fur from his Maltese, Nurple.

A Pomeranian named Macho strikes a pose before heading into the ring.

Zevia the Irish Wolfhound, who weighs 126 pounds, tries to sit in the lap of Josie Lee.

It's sponge bath time for Gabby the Bearded Collie. Just look at that beard!

Goldie the French Bulldog waits for her turn in the ring.

Taylor Mills from Alabama models her Treeing Walker Coonhound handbag, painted with the image of her dog, Tuff.

Have you ever seen such a regal dog? Savannah the Borzoi looks like she's fit for royalty.

Nino the snood-wearing Basset Hound would like some treats, please.

A Rhodesian Ridgeback watches for a treat in the ring.

Rhett Butler the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (he's from Charleston, S.C., of course) mugs with his owner, Lynette Bragg.

Flame the Poodle rests her royal head on a pink princess pillow. She just turned 4 years old on Valentine's Day.

We heart Norwegian Lundehunds! These cool earrings were a Valentine's Day treat.

Jostin Lantadilla cleans the eye of his Dalmatian, Colin.

These Scottish Deerhounds are making everyone smile!

Cardigan Welsh Corgis Porter, left, and Ianto, share a bench and pose for pictures.

Being a Brussels Griffon at the Westminster Dog Show is truly as good as it gets, right?

Handler Ashley Hallett smiles as she brushes her Shetland Sheepdog, Luna, in the ring.

Lyllie the Pekingese is ready to take a break after strutting her stuff for the judges.

A Border Collie waits patiently for his turn in the ring.
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