Whether or not your cat loves catnip, you might want to give Silvervine cat toys a try. Like catnip, Silvervine is a plant that can provide olfactory enrichment to keep kitties happy and active. When giving your feline a choice between these two plants, you might discover she prefers Silvervine. 

Most people think of catnip when it comes to natural plants that put cats in a state of euphoria. But it isn’t as effective as pet parents assume. A study involving 100 cats found that catnip didn’t cause a response in one out of every three kitties.

But when given Silvervine, nearly 80 percent of the cats were interested in it. Also, almost 75 percent of the kitties who didn’t care for catnip responded to the Silvervine. Silvervine might entice your cat to play even if she isn’t excited over catnip. 

Finding suitable Silvervine toys that your finicky felines will enjoy is important. Fortunately, there are many options on the market, from sticks they can chew to plush toys they can toss around. We’ve rounded up a list of options to make your cat feel amazing. 

Our List

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6 Silvervine Cat Toys That Drive Felines Wild

Buying Silvervine for cats is easy, thanks to the array of options available. Keep reading to learn about our top picks. 

Overall Best Silvervine Cat Toy

Our Pick: Potaroma Cat Toys with Catnip Silvervine

Potaroma Cat Toys with Catnip Silvervine

This two-pack of toys features a very real-appearing sparrow and northern cardinal. The cat toys make chirping sounds during playtime. As a bonus, the fresh catnip silvervine pouch increases the play fun. Built-in batteries are made to last for over 10,000 chirps! Watch as your cat bites, bats, and chews at the lifelike toys. Soft and interactive, these cozy companions will become your cat’s second best friend in no time.


  • Filled with a catnip and Silvervine blend to appeal to more cats. 
  • Colorful, plush toys are engaging to cats.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Toys are quiet when not in use to conserve battery power.

Things to Consider

  • Replace this toy if it becomes damaged by your kitty’s claws and teeth. 
  • Batteries are not replaceable or rechargeable.

Best Silvervine Chew Toy for Cats

Our Pick: Meowijuana King Sized Silvervine Cat Sticks

Meowijuana King Sized Silvervine Cat Sticks

If you’re looking for Silvervine sticks for cats, check out Meowijuana. Your kitty can chew on these sticks to play or reduce boredom and stress. Plus, the chewing action might even be helpful for cleaning your feline’s chompers. And the best part is these sticks are natural, as they come from the Silvervine plant, and they don’t contain any preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients. 


  • Cat chew sticks may help clean your pet’s teeth. 
  • It can help a cat feel less stressed, anxious, or bored. 
  • Six sticks per package. 

Things to Consider

  • These sticks are best for adult cats. 
  • Supervise your cat while she’s chewing on these sticks. 
  • Some cats might not be interested in chewing on Silvervine sticks. 

Best Plush Silvervine Cat Toy

Our Pick: Petlinks Blue Beauty Plush Catnip & Silvervine Bird and Feather Cat Toy 

Petlinks Blue Beauty Plush Catnip & Silvervine Bird and Feather Cat Toy 

This plush toy, designed to look like a parrot, is purr-fect for kitties who like to grab, kick, and chase after soft toys. You can toss it for your cat to hunt down, or you could leave it out for your kitty to find and pounce on whenever she’s ready to play. Because it’s filled with catnip and Silvervine, it can appeal to felines who like either or both of these plants. Plus, if you’re looking for eco-friendly products, this toy’s fiberfill is made from recycled plastic. 


  • Plush toy contains a mix of Silvervine and catnip. 
  • It has a lot of feathers to grab your kitty’s attention. 
  • Designed to meet safety standards. 

Things to Consider

  • Keep an eye on the condition of this toy, and replace it if it’s torn or damaged in any way. 

Best Cat Kicker Toy with Silvervine

Our Pick: Hartz Cattraction with Silvervine & Catnip® Animal Pal Kicker™ Cat Toy

Hartz Cattraction with Silvervine & Catnip® Animal Pal Kicker™ Cat Toy

Kicker toys are designed to be easier for your cat to grab and bunny kick. If you want to help your little hunter feel like she’s taking down prey, this type of toy is a great choice – and when you add in some Silvervine and catnip, your kitty is sure to go nuts for it. This product from Hartz comes in two styles: a bird and a shark. Long and slim, these toys feature feathers and different textures and colors to get your cat charged up and ready for action.   


  • Plush toy makes a crinkle sound and features strings, ribbons, and feathers. 
  • Contains catnip and Silvervine to attract cats. 
  • Shaped to be easy for your feline friend to hug and kick. 

Things to Consider

  • When ordering online, some retailers might not give you the option of choosing which of the two styles you want. 
  • Might be too big for kitties who prefer small toys. 

Best Silvervine Cat Wand

Our Pick: Spot Ethical Pet Silvervine Teaser Wand

Spot Ethical Pet Silvervine Teaser Wand

You might already have a few wand toys for your cats, but if you want to add Silvervine to the mix, check out this Silvervine Teaser Wand. It features attention-grabbing feathers and irresistible Silvervine at the end of a long string, so it can be used for bonding with your pet and encouraging her to get active by running and jumping.


  • Can be used to play with your cat so you can both have fun. 
  • Feathers and strings get your kitty ready to hunt. 
  • Silvervine can get your cat excited to exercise. 

Things to Consider

  • The wand measures about 10 inches long, so it’s a bit shorter than others on the market.
  • Each order contains one randomly selected toy

Best Refillable Silvervine Cat Toy

Our Pick: Meowy Janes Refillable Mouse Toy Pack – Silvervine

Meowy Janes Refillable Mouse Toy Pack - Silvervine

Van de Kieft recommends Meowy Janes for their powder and chew sticks, saying, “I find their products to be the most fresh and potent.” The brand also sells various toys, such as the Refillable Mouse Toy Pack. Unlike other products you can’t refill when the Silvervine loses its potency, these are easy to empty and fill with the coarse ground Silvervine. And because you don’t need to use a lot for it to have an effect on your cat, the  30 grams of ground Silvervine fruit might last a lot longer than you think.


  • Three-pack of handmade, cotton toys.
  • Comes with 30 grams of ground Silvervine fruit.
  • Good for multi-cat households. 
  • Simple to refill. 

Things to Consider

  • Higher price point. 
  • Toys can also be filled with catnip to switch things up. 

Silvervine Toys for Cats: Our Top Picks

To put together our list of the best Silvervine cat toys available, we considered input from the cat behaviorists we spoke with, as well as the following:

Durability: Because kitties can go crazy for Silvervine toys, grabbing them with their claws and biting them with their teeth, we looked for products that likely wouldn’t fall apart easily. 

Safety: Avoid cat toys that quickly come apart or have small pieces. We aimed to find Silvervine toys that aren’t only tough but designed with your kitty’s safety in mind. 

Customer reviews: Not all cats will like Silvervine toys, so we considered that while reading reviews and focused mainly on what pet parents had to say about a toy’s overall quality. 

Style: Different cats prefer different types of toys. Also, some toys are better suited for interactive rather than solo play. That’s why we included a variety of styles to suit every feline. 

What are Silvervine Cat Toys?

Jennifer Van de Kieft, a certified feline behavior consultant and the owner of Cat Advocate, recommends the use of Silvervine. “Offering Silvervine as part of a cat owner’s enrichment toolbox is a great way to help alleviate the boredom that some indoor cats experience. It can also be a great way to lure your cat to a new scratching post or cat tree.”

Like catnip toys, Silvervine toys can make your cat feel blissful. So, your kitty might lick the toy or rub her face on it while playing with it. Like catnip, some cats react to Silvervine more strongly than others, and some may not be interested.  

You can purchase a variety of toys filled with Silvervine or a combination of catnip and Silvervine, and you can use them to encourage your kitty to stay active through play. 

Give your cats a break from Silvervine now and then. “To keep their experience fresh, it is important that you give your cats a break from it; otherwise, with constant exposure, they will become unresponsive to it,” says Molly DeVoss, a Certified Feline Training and Behavior Specialist. “If you use it too often, they may become nose blind to it,” adds Van de Kieft.

Silvervine isn’t toxic to cats. “Silvervine has no negative effects. It is neither addictive nor harmful if ingested. There may be hazards with the toys themselves, but the Silvervine itself is non-toxic,” says DeVoss. “It’s not a food topper, but ingesting a little if they lick it is fine,” states Van de Kieft. 

Silvervine is potent. If you purchase it in powder form or coarsely ground, you don’t need to use much of it. “You only need a pinch of good quality Silvervine, which you can rub on a toy, scratcher, or towel,” says Van de Kieft. 

two cats playing with silvervine cat toys

Silvervine vs. Catnip: What’s the Difference?

Silvervine and catnip are plants that have compounds that attract cats. They’re natural and considered safe for kitties. 

All cat behaviorists we spoke with said Silvervine is more potent than catnip. Because it contains compounds different from those in catnip, felines who aren’t affected by catnip toys might love getting their paws on Silvervine toys instead.   

cat plays with silvervine toy

Silvervine Cat Toy Buyers’ Guide

When shopping for Silvervine toys for your feline companion, check the following:

Freshness and potency

“Both catnip and Silvervine lose their potency over time,” says DeVoss. So, the fresher the Silvervine in a toy, the more potent it will be. Some manufacturers can provide information on how fresh their Silvervine is.   

You can also purchase Silvervine on its own to ensure potency. “I don’t like to buy products with catnip or Silvervine already in them. I like to add it myself. I buy catnip and Silvervine in herb or powder form that I can add to toys, scratchers, or towels,” says Van de Kieft.  


The more transparent a manufacturer is about the source of their Silvervine and its quality, the better. “It is challenging to ensure a high-quality source of Silvervine because it is more difficult to grow than catnip. You’ll want to be sure the Silvervine is 100 percent natural with no additives,” says DeVoss. 

Linda Hall and Rita Reimers, feline behaviorists/trainers certified through the Animal Behavior College, advise searching for Silvervine that won’t expose your pet to fertilizers or pesticides and beware of sellers making false claims. “Always look for organic Silvervine. We have also found some people selling catnip sticks, such as Silvervine. These will have minimal appeal to most cats. Make sure you are getting actual Silvervine.”


DeVoss says you can give your cat Silvervine sticks for chewing and buy whole Silvervine gall fruit for felines. She adds that you can find toys filled with ground Silvervine or get Silvervine powder to sprinkle on scratchers and bedding. 

No matter which type you choose, “it’s important to find a quality Silvervine grower, or the product might not be as potent,” advises DeVoss. 

Catnip Plus Silvervine

If your kitty loves catnip, she might go wild for a catnip and Silvervine toy. 

“I recommend soft toys that are filled with a Silvervine and catnip mix and use no other artificial fillers. This assures you’re getting the maximum euphoric effect for your cat,” says DeVoss. 


Kitties can quickly destroy poor-quality toys, and Silvervine can excite them to unleash their inner predator. Hall and Reimers recommend carefully checking materials when shopping for Silvervine products. “Cats will be rough with those toys, licking, chewing, etc. So, as with any toy, ensure no loose parts can be pulled or chewed off. Make sure the stitching is secure. And check regularly for wear and tear. You will want to replace it if it’s beginning to rip at all.” 

In addition to durable materials, consider the dyes used. “Look for toys that don’t have a lot of dyes on them. These colors and designs are made to appeal to humans, and often, the dyes will run if wet. Your cat will be drooling all over this thing, so be sure she isn’t ingesting dyes that aren’t good for her. We like to put a corner in water and see if the water turns colors. We won’t give it to our cats if it does,” say Hall and Reimers.  

Silvervine Cat Toy FAQs  

Is Silvervine safe for cats?  

Yes, Silvervine is safe for cats, even if they eat some. Be sure to purchase the highest quality and purest Silvervine.   

Can cats get addicted to Silvervine?

No, cats won’t get addicted to Silvervine. It can provide enrichment and encourage your feline to get some exercise so that it may benefit her physically and mentally.  

Are cat toys with Silvervine safe?

Yes, as long as the Silvervine is pure and the toys are made of safe and robust materials, your kitty can have a blast. You could even use them as an alternative to catnip toys if your pet doesn’t respond to catnip or would prefer more variety. 

Are Silvervine cat toys okay for kittens?

Silvervine can be great for cats of all ages, including seniors, but kittens may not react. 
According to Van de Kieft, it might take until a kitten is six months or older to enjoy scent enrichment. Also, DeVoss says that kittens under eight months typically don’t react to Silvervine.  

Hall and Reimers don’t recommend giving Silvervine to kittens under 12 weeks of age.  

What are the best ways to introduce and use Silvervine toys for cats?

If you have more than one cat, watch how each one responds to Silvervine, as some might not get all that excited, while others might get a little possessive of their toys. “When giving Silvervine (or catnip) to a cat who has never had it, we suggest you do this in a separate room away from any other pets you have until you see how your cat reacts,” state Hall and Reimers.

Van de Kieft agrees, saying, “In a multi-cat home, I would separate the cats, at least on opposite sides of the room, each with their toy so you can watch to see their reaction. If one gets very stimulated, they are safely apart.” 

Once you know your cat loves Silvervine, there are a lot of fun and creative ways to use it for solo and interactive play. “Cats respond best when toys are moving, so try tossing or flipping Silvervine toys. Tie a Silvervine cat toy to a string or attach it to a stick to make a prey play toy,” says DeVoss.