When you think about pet chew toys, your brain probably goes to a dog or puppy biting and mouthing a plushie or a dog dental toy. But it turns out, cat chew toys are actually highly beneficial to our feline friends, too.

“What can I give my cat to chew on?” is a question many pet parents ponder. Not only do chew toys for cats play into your critter’s hunting and prey instincts, but they can help clean your cat’s teeth, provide mental stimulation, and give your cat some physical exercise. 

But what should you look for when shopping for kitty chew toys? Stay tuned as we break down the benefits of chew toys for cats, what to consider when finding the best options for your feline, and a few of our absolute favorite picks. 

Our Top Picks

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9 Best Cat Chew Toys

Best Overall Cat Chew Toy

Our Pick: Pioneer Pet Nip Nibblers Catnip Toy

Pioneer Pet Nip Nibblers Catnip Toy

These simple and effective catnip pouch toys are really great for cats who like to chew. They are made from durable nylon and are designed to release just the right amount of catnip when chewed or squeezed. These toys are small and lightweight, making them perfect for batting and holding in your cat’s paws. But they are sturdy enough and difficult for cats to tear them apart. Plus, you get three of these toys in each pack—which seems like a pretty great deal to us! 


  • Made from durable nylon to withstand chewing.
  • Releases catnip when chewed or squeezed.
  • Lightweight design makes them easy for cats to play with.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • Comes with three toys per pack—a great value.

Things to Consider

  • They could be a bit messy because they do release catnip.
  • Some reviewers said the edges are a bit sharp—something to be aware of.

Best Breath-Freshening Chew Toy for Cats

Our Pick: Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick cat chew toys

This cat chew toy is a two-in-one option that provides entertainment and freshens breath. The middle portion contains fresh, dried mint that entices cats to gnaw and chew. The mesh netting helps to remove tartar buildup and keeps teeth cleaner. But the dental benefits don’t mean this toy isn’t fun. It’s a great toy for batting and tossing to your cat from across the room. The crinkle leaf ends are also appealing to your cat’s senses. Overall, it’s a great cat chew toy for cats at an affordable price. 


  • Provides entertainment and freshens breath.
  • Filled with natural, dried mint.
  • Crinkle leaf ends provide sensory fun.
  • Great for solo or interactive play.

Things to Consider

  • As with all cat chew toys, you should supervise your cat when in use.
  • Made in China.
  • No information provided for cleaning this toy. 

Best Cat Chew Toy For Dental Health

Our Pick: Petstages Lil’ Avocato Catnip and Dental Health Cat Toy

Cute avocado cat chew toy

Are you a sucker for cat puns? Even those who cringe at punny pet products may find the Lil’ Avocato cat chew toy from Petstages impossible to resist. This cute, catnip-stuffed chew toy is just begging to be chomped, nibbled, and gnawed upon. Better yet, doing just that is great for your cat’s dental health. The Lil’ Avocato is made out of a unique mesh netting material that gently cleans plaque and tartar off your cat’s teeth with every bite. Between the catnip, the crinkly sound effects, and the oh-so-biteable texture of the toy, cats can’t get enough of the Lil’ Avocato. The more they play, the healthier their teeth get. Win-win!


  • Promotes positive chewing behavior.
  • Mesh material removes soft plaque and tartar from teeth .
  • Envigorating catnip encourages play.
  • Crinkle noises for multi-sensory stimulation.
  • Lightweight yet durable construction.
  • Wide range of other appealing designs available.

Things to Consider

  • Made in China.
  • You can’t refill or replace the catnip.
  • No toy is indestructible; always supervise play to minimize risk.
  • Not recommended for aggressive chewers.

Best Cat Chew Toy with Catnip

Our Pick: 24-Karat Catnip-Filled Interactive Cat Toy by OurPets 

cat chew toy with catnip

You’ll find no shortage of catnip-enhanced cat chew toy options on the market. This whimsical winner from OurPets stands head-and-roots above the competition for several reasons. First, the stuffed carrot chew toy is chock full of OurPets own 100% natural, North American grown Cosmic Catnip — cultivated to be the strongest, most aromatic catnip ever. The soft chew toy is also constructed from durable, chew-proof material for hours of engaging play. OurPets offers the toy in a range of vibrant styles — from carrot to cactus, fish to fruit — many accented with feathers, flaps, and strings to tantalize your happy hunter.


  • These cat chew toys are available in seven different styles.
  • Features super-strong Cosmic Catnip for long-lasting play.
  • Sturdy material stands up to plenty of chewing and pouncing.
  • Great quality at a budget-friendly price.
  • Over 9,000 5-star ratings on Amazon.

Things to Consider

  • Made in China.
  • You can’t refill or replace the catnip.
  • Small parts may pose a choking hazard.
  • Some reviews say catnip potency varies.

Best Natural Cat Chew Toy

Our Pick: Yeowww! Catnip Banana Toy

Yeowww! Catnip Banana Toy

While this catnip cat chew toy may seem simple, don’t let the basic banana shape full you. Cats love this one! Our resident cat, Boris, goes bonkers over this toy and that’s partly because of its shape and texture and partly because the catnip inside is very strong. We love this toy because it’s handcrafted and made from a durable cotton-twill material. The curved shape makes it perfect for grabbing and chewing, but cats also like to swat and nuzzle it. It’s stuffed with organically grown catnip and uses only natural, non-toxic dyes. 


  • All-natural, organic, and strong organic catnip.
  • Made of durable cotton-twill material.
  • Shape is appealing to felines.
  • Handmade with non-toxic dyes.

Things to Consider

  • A bit difficult to clean. Recommended to wipe it down by hand.
  • Catnip can’t be refilled or replaced.
  • If your cat is a strong, aggressive chewer, this toy may not last. Better for moderate chewing.

Funniest Cat Chew Toy For Getting Laughs

Our Pick: Yeowww! Cigar Catnip Toy

Yeowww Cigar cat chew toy

While we definitely don’t condone smoking (yuck!), there is something pretty hilarious about giving your cat this toy cigar cat chew toy. It’s made of durable cotton twill fabric and the long, narrow toy is the perfect shape for cats to get their paws around. Plus, it’s packed with organic catnip (only the leaves and flower tops) so that your cat will go wild. So, crank up the celebration and pass your cat a cigar. It’s party time!


  • Long, narrow shape is easy to hold and bite.
  • Durable cotton twill fabric makes this toy last.
  • Filled with 100% organic catnip.
  • Made in the USA.

Things to Consider

  • The brown color may not be enticing to cats or their pet parents.

Best Budget-Friendly Cat Chew Toy

Our Pick: SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Mice Trio

budget friendly cat chew toys

If your cat loves play, prey, and pounce while they chew, this multi-pack of catnip-stuffed plush mice offers a lot of bang for your buck. You’ll get three oh-so-munchable mice to tantalize your kitty, each one crafted from soft-yet-sturdy material with a durable woven tail. Plus, each mouse is stuffed with a combination of earth-friendly filler made from 100% recycled plastic and .5 grams of pure, pesticide-free, chemical-free catnip. The combo of energizing catnip and lightweight material make these skittering critters perfect for chasing and batting around. And once caught, their chew-proof construction stands up to even the mightiest chompers. These toys for cats to chew on offer a lot of bang for the buck.


  • Unbeatable price.
  • Stuffed with 50% catnip.
  • Promotes exercise, hunting, interactive play, and safe chewing.
  • Made from recycled materials.

Things to Consider

  • Designed in US, made in China.
  • Cannot be refilled with catnip.

Best Refillable Catnip Chew Toy

Our Pick: Catstages Wobble Turtle Catnip Diffuser Refillable Cat Toy

refillable cat toy with catnip

Watch your cat play to their heart’s content with this wobble turtle toy made with ventilation holes. Each diffuser comes with three grams of premium catnip so you’ll never run out. The turtle shape is fun for cats to play with and the aroma will activate their natural hunting instincts. Designed to bat, swat, and be kicked out, the lightweight toy is durable with unpredictable movements. Best yet, this cat toy cleans easily with mild soap and warm water.


  • Lightweight but designed to last
  • The design is eye-catching and cute.
  • Keeps cats entertained for minutes to hours
  • Comes with a container of refillable catnip
  • Washes easily
  • Ideal for interactive or solo play time

Things to Consider

  • No toy is indestructible; do not leave with unsupervised pets
  • Some pet parents claim the catnip falls out of the holes easily
  • Do not place in the dishwasher

Best Collection of Cat Chew Toys

Our Pick: Dorakitten Catnip Chew Toy Play Set

Malmed Catnip Chew Toy Play Set

If your cat (and your home) likes a little variety, this 6-piece chew toy set may be a good option. It features cute Japanese-inspired plush designs that are fun for cats and not an eyesore for humans. Each small toy is stuffed with organic catnip and is made from durable linen-cotton to withstand your feline’s biting. These soft toys are great for teething kittens or adult cats alike.  Imagine gifting a new pet parent with these teething toys for kittens.


  • Six toys in one set is a great value.
  • Cute, Japanese-inspired designs.
  • Filled with organic catnip.
  • Made of durable cotton linen to resist chewing.

Things to Consider

  • Size is small—pay attention to the measurements.
  • You can’t restuff with your own catnip.
  • Toys should be wiped down and cannot be put in the wash. 

What to Look For in a Chewable Toys for Cats

Before you head out to the pet store or shop online, there are a couple of things to consider when choosing a chewable toys for cats. Keep these tips in mind when shopping.

Cat playing with durable chew toy

Identify Your Cat’s Needs

Chewing toys for cats can be used for a variety of different reasons, so identifying why your cat may need or benefit from a chew toy is step one. If you have a teething kitten, then consider kitten teething toys that are soft and soothing for this stage of kittenhood. If you have an adult cat that simply enjoys the act of chewing and you’re looking to provide an appropriate outlet for this behavior, then most regular cat chewing toys will fit the bill.

Cat Teething Toys

If you’re concerned about your cat’s teeth and dental health, look for chew toys that offer dental and teeth-cleaning benefits. Biting toys for cats should be durable enough to withstand your cat’s chomping.

Cat teething toys encourage safe chewing, can help tire your cat out, and are a great redirect toy instead of destructive gnawing. The Catstages dental kitty chew wheel is several toys in one – it is infused with catnip oil, has spokes to remove tartar, and streamers your cat will delight in.

We like the Silvervine Cat Toys to help remove plaque and tartar from feline teeth. Because Silverine sticks are rich in plant fiber and are made without additives, cats tend to be energetic and happy when playing with them.

Consider the Materials

It may take some trial and error to figure out what types of materials your cat enjoys for a chew toy. Some cats may prefer something that is soft or crinkly, while others may like a toy that is hard and dense.

Cat rubber chew toys may be helpful for keeping your feline busy and for dental health. Chewing a rubber toy (under supervision) may remove tartar and promote blood flow to the gums.

Some toys combine different materials so that your cat can choose based on her mood. Look for high-quality materials that go through testing for durability and are certified safe for your feline companion. 

Stuffable Toys or Puzzle Toys

Some cat toys to chew on allow you to stuff them with catnip for an added boost to your feline’s senses. Others will have compartments for food or be set up so that your cat needs to figure out how to remove the food or treats. These types of cat chew toys can provide great mental stimulation and enrichment. Just make sure they’re made for withstanding chewing, too! 

Cat Biting Toys

What should you do if your cat likes to bite on things? Consider adding a few cat biting toys to your feline’s collection. The Petstages Dental Health Chews come in a pair and are stuffed with dried catnip to entice play. Your cat’s inner hunter will enjoy batting and biting on these dental chew toys.

Ease of Cleaning

While this might not be a make or break part of your decision making, it’s helpful to find a cat chew toy that can easily be cleaned. This may mean that it’s simple to wipe down, put in the dishwasher, or throw in the washing machine. Any toy that needs to be hand-washed may make you less inclined to clean it, which could lead to bacteria buildup. If you can add your cat’s chew toy to a load of dishes or wash, you’ll be able to keep your cat safe and your home clean! 

How We Selected the Best Chew Toys for Cats

Keeping all of the above information in mind, we dove into all the cat chew toy options and picked favorites based on materials, durability, inventiveness, safety, ease of use, and overall design. 

We also looked closely at online reviews and took the opinions of our own feline testers into consideration to come up with the best of the best.  

Cat Toys For Chewing FAQ

When it comes to cat chew toys, pet parents have plenty of questions! Here are some helpful answers to the ones that tend to pop up most frequently. 

Cat playing with rope chew toy

Do Cats Need Chew Toys?

Not all cats will enjoy or like chew toys, so it’s hard to generally say that all cats need chew toys. However, there are plenty of felines that do enjoy the act of chewing. If your cat falls into that category, then cat chew toys can be hugely beneficial.

If you wonder, ‘Do cats like chew toys? ‘ Yes, many of them do. Like all pets, each cat has different likes and preferences.

Chew toys for cats will keep your gnawing feline away from chewing on your personal items, home decor, or even dangerous items like wires or cables. They’ll also give your cats an outlet for appropriate and productive chewing

If you’re unsure whether your cat will enjoy a chew toy, consider purchasing a few different types to see if your feline shows interest. If your cat doesn’t want to play with or chew on a toy, you can always donate these items to shelters who may have cats that can benefit from them. 

What About Toys for Cats That Like to Chew on Wires?

For many cats, the sensation of chewing a wire is appealing. Unfortunately, cats should never be allowed access to wires, thus diminishing the behavior. The best way to stop a bad behavior is to replace it with a good or more favorable one.

Cats who like to chew wires may view them as string, which is very taunting and prey-like. Choose toys from our list above that appeal to their senses. Anything with streamers or kitty-specific toys should be encouraged. Using a cat wand toy and playing with your cat is a great way to distract her while reinforcing positive behavior.

Are Dog Chew Toys Safe for Cats?

While some felines may sneak around and try to take your dog’s chew toys, it’s not recommended for cats to chew on toys meant for dogs. Chew toys for dogs may not be sized appropriately for cats or may have pieces that a crafty cat could pull loose or shred with their claws or teeth—which can lead to a safety hazard.

Additionally, cats may not show interest in dog chew toys, since they aren’t designed with felines in mind. Many cat chew toys have places for additions like catnip or a cat treat or they have specific features that appeal to a cat’s instinctual prey drive. 

For safety and enrichment, it’s best to stick to toys designed specifically for cats.  

Are Catnip Toys Safe for Cats to Chew on?

Though catnip can definitely alter the mood and behavior of most cats, the herb is non-toxic, non-addictive, and generally considered harmless to feline health. So cat chew toys featuring catnip present no danger to your pet.

Smelling catnip generally energizes cats, while ingesting it often calms them. So you may see different results depending on the type of catnip chew toy you buy. Remember that catnip’s effect varies widely from one cat to the next. If you’re unsure how your cat will react, supervise play to gauge your cat’s reaction. While catnip can’t hurt your cat, overenthusiastic zoomies could!

Are Cat Chew Toys Safe for Teething Kittens?

Chewing helps young kittens with teething pain, so cat chew toys offer a great way to deter teething kittens from chewing on anything and everything in your home.

Not all chewable cat toys are appropriate for kittens. When it comes to chew toys for kittens, look for toys that are not too big for your kitten’s mouth, free of small parts or embellishments that could become choking hazards, and made from soft materials that still offer resistance when your kitten bites down.

A pro tip to keep in mind is that kittens often do not respond to catnip until they are at least 6-8 weeks old.