5 Kinds of Dogs Who May Need a Sweater or Coat This Winter

As winter sets in, you may be wondering if your dog's fur is warm enough to protect him from the cold weather. For some canines, the answer is yes; but for many others, their fur coat just won't cut it.

Plenty of dogs, in particular those with certain size or health limitations, can benefit from the added insulation of coats or sweaters. These dogs have a more difficult time generating and retaining enough body heat on their own. Read through the gallery below to find out if your dog falls into one of the categories of canines that should wear some winter accessories to keep warm.

Could Your Dog Benefit From Some Cold Protection?

Dogs Who’ll Need a Sweater or Coat This Winter Dachshund in Snow


Small dogs or those with short legs.

Do you have a low-slung breed like a Basset Hound, Dachshund or Corgi? Due to their low stature, these breeds are prone to losing heat more quickly than other dogs because their short legs put them into closer contact with snow. The same goes for small breeds in general — many may benefit from some clothing to keep them warm.

Dogs Who’ll Need a Sweater or Coat This Winter Arthritic Dog


Dogs with arthritis.

Outfitting your arthritic dog in a cozy coat or sweater is just one thing you can do to make winters more comfortable for him. (And for any senior dog, for that matter.) Also consider a pet-safe, heated orthopedic bed. What dog wouldn't want to snuggle up in one of those on a cold winter's day?

Dogs Who’ll Need a Sweater or Coat This Winter Min Pin in Snow


Dogs with short, thin or fine coats.

It's easy to see why canines with short coats would appreciate some extra protection from the cold — you wouldn't be very happy venturing out into a snowstorm with just a light jacket, would you? Coats and sweaters are a great idea for short-coated dogs and breeds with thin body types, like Greyhounds and Whippets, or hairless dogs like the Chinese Crested.

Dogs Who’ll Need a Sweater or Coat This Winter Dog in Snow in Jacket


Dogs who enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace.

Some dogs' idea of winter fun is charging through the snow at full speed, leaving trails of footprints in their wake. But others prefer a slower pace, like a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood. Dogs who spend time outdoors but aren’t consistently active during that time may need some clothing to help them stay warm.

Dogs Who’ll Need a Sweater or Coat This Winter Chihuahua in Coat


Dogs with certain health conditions.

Conditions like Cushing’s disease, diabetes and heart or kidney disease can all make it more difficult for affected canines to regulate their body temperatures, so a warm sweater or coat couldn't hurt.

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