Why Does My Cat... Chase Me?

Cats Will Be Cats

It’s important to remember that whether it’s stalking or other hunting-related behavior like the nonfighting wrestling behavior cats engage in with each other, these are activities that the species naturally needs to do, says Dr. Crowell-Davis. “Part of raising a kitten is making sure she has plenty of opportunities for appropriate play,” she says, “so she doesn’t decide to try out what we consider the inappropriate play of going after people’s hands or feet.” It’s fun to play with young kittens with your hands, and tickle their belly and let them grab you and even claw you because when they are kittens with tiny, soft claws, it's cute, says Dr. Crowell-Davis. “But when they’re a year old and want to play the same game with your hand, it’s not cute anymore,” she adds. “So it’s very important that people not use their hands or feet to directly play with a kitten or a cat, because they’re teaching the cat that hands and feet are toys.”

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