Not all dog beds are created equal. From differing in shapes, sizes, and fluff level, it’s hard to know what’s best for your pup. 

And if those traditional choices are not enough to confuse you, there are also bolster dog beds to consider. Bolster beds for dogs are ones that have sides to allow dogs to lean against a soft, pillow-like support. In short, bolster beds are beds with borders.

Benefits of Bolster Beds for Dogs

“Bolster beds may help with certain health issues like acid-reflux,” says Dr. Anthony Hall, expert vet with AirVet, a pet telemedicine app. “If the dog suffers from this, having their head slightly raised may help keep the stomach acid down—due to gravity.” 

Hall adds that dogs who suffer from neck pain are also good candidates for bolster beds. It’ll feel good to have their necks stretched out. Hall also says that dogs, who suffer from fear or anxiety issues may feel more secure and comforted by the sides of bolster dog beds. 

Aside from acid reflux, anxiety, and neck pain (which are good reasons to opt for a bolster dog bed), you should also know that if your dog suffers from arthritis, he or she may require a bed that has more support for aching joints. 

Shopping for Bolster Dog Beds: Things to Consider

Puppy in bolster dog bed

While your dog’s specific health needs are a major factor, don’t forget to also consider your pet’s preference. “Just like people, some dogs prefer more soft or firm beds or certain materials,” explains Hall. 

According to Dr. Justine Lee, a double board-certified emergency critical care specialist and toxicologist, dogs like to nest, so you should pick a bed that’s a bit plusher than others. “My dog, for instance, loves really soft, fluffy dog beds or blankets,” she says. “I got him a memory foam bed that is flatter and he doesn’t use it nearly as much.”

Lee also recommends choosing a bed—bolster or not —with a zipped cover for easy cleaning. 

She adds that you should also consider beds with headrests, especially for bigger breeds or arthritic dogs.

Additionally, some bolster dog beds do not come fully assembled and you may have to put together the bed before your dog can use it. Usually, assembly is simple, but it may take time or be a bit of annoyance, so read over assembly instructions and reviews before making your final decision. 

How We Ranked Our Top Bolster Dog Beds

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We rounded up the best bolster dog beds on the market, factoring in the different features you may be looking for, as well as sizes and materials. 

Within those different specifications, we narrowed down the list by looking at overall ratings, as well as the pros and cons mentioned most often by pet parents. Here’s what made the list. 

Our Top Picks

Best Bolster Dog Bed: Overall Winner

Our Pick: Bedsure Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed with Removable, Washable Cover

Bedsure bolster dog bed

This Memory Foam Orthopedic Bolster Dog Bed from Bedsure checks all the boxes: It delivers on comfort, support, style, and function. The high-performance memory foam mattress is designed to mold to your dog’s body and provide ample support for a more restful sleep. Meanwhile, the cushioned bolster acts just like a pillow to hold your pet’s sleepy head. You’ll love the fact that this bolster dog bed comes with a removable cover you can unzip and throw in the washing machine, so keeping your pup’s bed clean and fresh is a snap! Plus, the cover also has a waterproof liner, which helps to prevent accidents from seeping into the memory foam mattress. It’s practical, comfortable, and surprisingly stylish…a bed both you and your pup will love!


  • Choose from three bed sizes to suit your dog (medium, large and extra large)
  • Made with therapeutic memory foam pad with durable faux linen and plush micro-sherpa fabric
  • Cover is easy to remove and clean
  • Comes with a waterproof liner
  • Comes in stylish colors
  • Available in three sizes
  • Great price point for an orthopedic bolster bed

Things to Consider

  • While the covers are easy to clean, the brand doesn’t offer replacement covers
  • Sherpa material can be a little warm for dogs that run hot

Runners Up

Best Budget Bolster Dog Bed

Our pick: MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

MidWest Bolster Pet Bed

Featuring a soft fleece top and comfortable padded polyester bolster cushion around the entire perimeter, this bolster pet bed is awesome if you’re on a budget. Not only can you choose from several different sizes and colors, this versatile pet bed is also easily cleanable by machine. Plus, we like that it’s small and thin enough to fit into a crate, giving dogs extra comfort when traveling or resting. 


  • Clean by machine wash and dry.
  • Available in eight sizes (ranging from 18-inch to 54-inch).
  • Choose from five colors.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a dog crate.

Things to Consider

  • Not made with the most luxurious of materials, but the price is right.
  • It’s on the thin side—something to think about if your pup needs extra padding.

Best Canopy Style Bolster Dog Bed

Our pick:  Bowsers Pet Products Canopy Fur Dog Bed

Sleek and modern to accent any décor, this bolster bed is perfect for smaller dogs or older arthritic pups.

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Take one part comfort and one part security, and your dog has the ultimate in supportive luxury. Many dogs love the “den” experience, so the canopy feature on this bed provides an ideal haven. The scooped front allows dogs to easily enter, nest, and feel safe and secure as they slumber. Sleek and modern to accent any décor, this bolster bed is perfect for smaller dogs or older arthritic pups. 


  • Removable tufted cushion doubles as a travel or crate mat
  • Easy-to-remove zippered cover is machine washable
  • Stuffed with 100 percent high-memory polyester fiberfill
  • Tufting prevents fibers from shifting or clumping 
  • Available in four sizes and multiple colors

Things to Consider

  • Bolster must be hand washed
  • A bit on the pricier side

Runner Up

Best Large Bolster Dog Bed

Our pick: PLS Birdsong Trellis Bolster Dog Bed

PLS Birdsong Trellis Bolster Dog Bed

The cuddly bolster sides of this large dog bed will offer your bigger dog comfort and a sense of security. Its base is plush—though when the bed arrives, it will need some fluffing to get it into shape. The design is stylish and contemporary, a nice addition to home decor. 


  • Comes in large (measuring 27” x 35”) and extra large (measuring 35” x 47”).
  • Entire bed is washable by machine.
  • Padded base provides extra comfort for large dogs.

Things to Consider

  • Only comes in the one color/pattern.
  • Filled with shredded foam which may flatten over time.

Best Small Bolster Dog Bed

Our pick: Animaze Gray Bolster Dog Bed

Animaze Gray Bolster Dog Bed

Featuring a rectangular bolster shaped retreat, this dog bed will give your small dog comfort and support. Its interior is lined with a soft plush and stuffed with polyfill. The sides are nice and high—perfect for small dogs that like to burrow. 


  • Has a non-slip bottom to keep it in place on hardwood, tile and other slick surfaces. 
  • Machine washable.

Things to Consider

  • Ideal for small dogs and puppies.
  • Also comes in a medium size, but not a great option for large-breed dogs.

Runners Up

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed With Bolster

Our pick: Dream Fur Oslo Ortho Dog Bed

Dream Fur Oslo Ortho Dog Bed

For senior dogs or those suffering from joint pain or arthritis, orthopedic dog beds may provide extra support. We love the modern and sleek design of this bolster dog bed that’s made for dogs that have orthopedic needs. Pets suffering with arthritis will find this bed supportive and comfortable. Its cool gel microbeads inside will also regulate body temperature. 


  • Comes in four sizes.
  • Available in three colors.
  • Inner cushion is stuffed generously with high-memory polyester fiberfill and cool gel micro beads. 
  • Fabric repels dirt, hair, and moisture.
  • Cover unzips, and center cushion and bolsters are removable for easy cleaning.

Things to Consider

  • Bolster sides are more supportive (but not as plush) as other bolster beds.

Runners Up

Best Round Bolster Dog Bed

Our pick: Luca for Dogs Nest Dog Bed

Your dog will appreciate the high walls of this round bolster bed. They’re practically like a hug, providing that much-wanted security by your pup. Made of 100 percent recycled fiber filling, 100 percent cotton finish, and a durable nylon base, its cover also unzips and can be washed in the machine.


  • Comes in four sizes and multiple colors.
  • Base repels dirt and protects bed.
  • Pillows are fluffy and generously filled.
  • Made in the USA.

Things to Consider

  • Some reviewers found the bed to be much larger than expected

Runner Up

Best Outdoor Dog Bed With Bolster

Our pick: Love’s Cabin Bolster Elevated Dog 

Love's Cabin Bolster Elevated Dog

If you’re going on a trip with your furry friend, this durable mesh outdoor dog bolster bed is perfect for keeping your pup dry from muddy grass. Its elevated setup will keep your dog clean and cool while lounging in the backyard or on a camping or hiking adventure. Air can also circulate underneath as the mesh allows the flow. The mesh also resists rips from claws. 


  • Available in three sizes.
  • Features dirt- and grime-resistant mesh.
  • Equipped with skid-resistant feet.

Things to Consider

  • Only comes in one color: gray.
  • Must be assembled (and disassembled for transport if you’re taking this on a trip).

Runner Up