With dozens of dog bed options available on the market these days, it can be difficult to figure out the best one for your pet. Would your dog sleep best in a cooling dog bed? A designer dog bed? A donut dog bed? The choices are endless! That doesn’t stop pet parents from seeking the best for their pups. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, sales of pet beds and furniture increased by 20 percent (1) as pet parents sought to make quarantining more comfortable for even their furriest family members, too. 

One dog bed option — a donut dog bed — is perfect if you want to show your furry bundle of joy a little extra love. This circular dog bed is designed to feel like a warm embrace, so it’s a great choice for pets who enjoy a cozy cuddle, as well as stressed-out pups in need of a calming place to recharge. Supportive donut-shaped dog beds are also ideal for older dogs and dogs with muscle or joint issues. 

Here’s what you need to know about this scrumptious-sounding sleep essential to find the best donut dog bed for your pup. 

Our Top Picks

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6 Best Donut Dog Beds To Try

While you might need to try out a few options before finding the perfect fit, pet parents who understand their dog’s sleep preferences and patterns are sure to hit the jackpot with a donut dog bed that’s got the right bells and whistles. 

Start by considering what some of the most important factors are for your pet to get good sleep right now — is size a priority, or soothing aching muscles and joints? Then match those must-have qualities with the dog donut bed options below.

Best Overall Dog Donut Bed 

Our Pick: Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Donut Dog Bed

dog donut beds

Nothing is better for a good night’s sleep than a mother’s love, but Best Friends by Sheri captured the next best thing in their Original Calming Donut Dog Bed. Designed to mimic the soft fur and reassuring presence of a mother dog, this ultimate donut bed has it all: optimal head and neck support, deep crevices for burrowing, animal-friendly vegan materials, and removable machine-washable covers available in a rainbow of color options. These are just a few of the features that will have you — and your pup — falling in love with this calming donut dog bed.


  • Made with warm, cozy materials and vegan faux shag fur, reminiscent of mother dogs 
  • Raised rim supports neck, joints, and muscles and provides calming sense of security
  • Offers plenty of burrowing crevices that appeal to natural instincts
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Water and dirt-resistant bottom
  • Removable, machine-washable shell
  • Comes in ten color options
  • Available with a bed and blanket option 
  • Sizes: Small (17”x17”), Medium (23”x23”), Large (30”x30”), XL (36”x36”), XXL (45”x45”)

Things to Consider

  • Higher price point
  • Some pet parents say shells don’t stand up to repeated washing

Best Large Donut Dog Bed 

Our Pick: Bowsers Pet Products Donut Dog Bed

large dog donut bed

Large dogs are more likely to develop joint pain, which can make finding a comfortable sleeping position difficult. A quality donut dog bed can help cushion and soothe aching joints to provide a comfy and supported night’s sleep. But finding a donut dog bed to cradle your large dog’s frame is key. Thankfully, Bowsers Pet Products offers the perfect king-sized donut dog bed for your king-sized canine. Available in sizes up to XXL (which measures a whopping 55” in length) Bowsers Donut Dog Beds feature a unique oval shape to accommodate bigger dogs, as well as those who like to stretch out. There’s also a removable cushion in the base to provide extra padding for weary bones, wherever you roam. 


  • Roomy oval shape accommodates dogs of all sizes.
  • Tufted cushion is removable and washable; can be used in crates or as a travel mat
  • Choose from a wide variety of upholstery-grade fabrics, including microfiber, faux fur, and high-performance linen and chenille
  • Available in over 50 colors and patterns
  • Raised bolster features high-memory 100% polyester fiber fill for cozy support
  • Cover unzips for easy removal; machine wash on cool and tumble dry on low
  • Sizes: XS (22”x16”x5), S (27”x22”x7”), MED (35”x27”x8”), LRG (42”x32”x9”), XL (50”x35”x9”), XXL (55”x36”x11”)
  • XXL model accommodates dogs up to 130 lbs

Things to Consider

  • Pricier than most beds
  • Some materials don’t wash up as well as others

Best Small Donut Dog Bed 

Our Pick:  Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler Sherpa Bed

dog in sherpa style bed

Designed exclusively for pets 25 pounds and under, this pint-sized donut dog bed may be smaller in scale, but it’s still fully loaded with cozy features and big benefits. The Deep Dish Cuddler has a cozy pocket at the center to cradle your pup. Plus, it features bolsters of varying heights — the 12-inch rear cushion helps ease joint pain, while the 9-inch front cushion offers head, neck, and extra orthopedic support. This dog bed delivers the level of quality and craftsmanship Best Friends by Sheri is known for, in an option that offers everything your small dog could want in a cuddly place to rest their tired paws.


  • Filled with pet-safe, non-toxic AirLOFT fibers that hold shape better than recycled fibers found in most pet beds
  • Soft sherpa fabric looks and feels like real wool, provides warmth and insulation for a cozy sleep
  • Water-resistant bottom to protect floors from accidents
  • Entire bed is machine washable and dryer-safe
  • 15 fashionable color options
  • Appealing price point

Things to Consider

  • Standard bed size is best for pets up to 25 pounds
  • Bed arrives vacuum-sealed, so you may need to toss it into the dryer for a few minutes after unpacking to help it regain shape

Best Orthopedic Dog Donut Bed 

Our Pick: Orvis Memory Foam Wraparound Dog Bed with Fleece

orthopedic dog bed

Older dogs or dogs with joint or muscle pain can really benefit from an orthopedic bed option that provides the firmness they require, while still being soft enough for them to get a comfortable night’s sleep. This wraparound donut dog bed from Orvis features a generous layer of orthopedic memory foam for joint and muscle support, relief for pressure points, and improved circulation. Plus, the sides and bottom of the sleeping surface are covered in plush, durable FleecLock material to create a cozy, den-like sleep environment your dog will love.  


  • Features a thick, continuous layer of orthopedic memory foam — not chopped foam like other dog beds
  • Calibrated specifically to support a dog’s shape and weight distribution to help reduce joint pain and improve overall mobility
  • Pet-safe, low-VOC foam made without formaldehyde, phthalates, or heavy metals 
  • Hypoallergenic, water-resistant liner unzips for easy removal and washing
  • Plush FleeceLock sleep surface won’t pill, pull, or shed
  • Base covered in durable, upholstery-grade microsuede
  • Sizes: X-Small (20”x19”), Small (28”x21”), Medium (36”x29”), Large (42”x33”)

Things to Consider

  • Only available in three color options
  • Higher price point
  • Bolster edge may be hard for dogs with limited mobility to climb over

For more suggestions on orthopedic dog beds, check out our roundup of top orthopedic beds for dogs

Best Donut Dog Bed With Blanket 

Our Pick: Siwa Mary Dog Bed With Attached Blanket

best donut dog bed with a blanket

No matter how comfy a bed is, some dogs just prefer the added security of a blanket. We love that this model from Siwa Mary Pet Products has the blanket attached so you don’t have to search for your dog’s favorite blankie when they’re in the mood for a cuddle. Being able to burrow and nest under the blanket may also help smaller dogs who get cold more easily or those who suffer from anxiety. All in all, this is a stylish, cozy cave that’s sure to keep your pup feeling comfy, warm, and secure.


  • Attached, breathable blanket provides extra security and warmth
  • Perfect for burrowing and nesting
  • Lined with soft, plush fabric
  • Filled with resilient poly-cotton blend
  • Non-skid bottom
  • Sizes: Small (23”x23”x6”), M (26”x26”x6”)

Things to Consider

  • Only comes in two color options and two sizes
  • Although the bed is machine washable, the cover doesn’t come off, so for longer use, hand washing is recommended

Best Budget-Friendly Dog Donut Bed 

Our Pick: Bedsure Calming Dog Bed

budget friendly dog bed

Want a donut dog bed that looks like a million bucks but is much easier on your wallet? Bedsure offers a high-quality, low-cost donut bed option that will deliver a cozy, comfy sleep without breaking the bank. The circular design is ergonomically optimized to cradle your pup while providing great head and neck support. And the ultra-plush microfiber sleeping surface is both super comfy and super easy to clean. Best of all, the price is hard to beat, so you can even get an extra bed to toss in your car for when you go on the road. 


  • Raised edges shelter and calm your dog while offering head, neck, and joint support 
  • Plush outer material keeps pets warm and snuggly and provides an optimal place to burrow
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Attractively priced
  • Machine-washable on cold; tumble dry low
  • Sizes: XS (20”x20”x6”), S (23”x23”x8”), M (30”x30”x8”), L(36”x36”x10”), XL (45”x45”x10”)

Things to Consider

  • Limited color options
  • May need to reshape after washing

What to Look for In a Donut Dog Bed

While most donut dog beds follow the same general design specifications — circular shape, raised walls, cushy recessed center — that doesn’t mean all donut dog beds are created equal.

Here are a few pro tips to keep in mind if you’re in the market for a donut-shaped bed for your pup. 


Donut dog beds are all about staying super cozy. So look for high-quality materials, both inside and out.

  • Inside: Polyester fiberfill stuffing is a common filler material for dog beds because it’s affordable and hypoallergenic. However, it may not stand up to repeated washing, so it’s best for dog beds with removable covers. Larger dogs may benefit from a bed made with a more supportive material, like orthopedic memory foam, to support their larger, heavier frames.  
  • Outside: As with any dog bed, look for material that is designed to last, no matter how much your dog likes to burrow or chew. Some super-cozy materials may pill, shed, or get matted over time. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for keeping your bed clean. Can the cover be removed and washed? Or can the whole bed be washed and dried?


it’s always a good idea to establish a budget before you start to browse..and stick to it. If your pup is growing quickly, be sure to take their fully-grown size into account when choosing what size donut dog bed you’ll need. Otherwise, you may find yourself in the market for a new bed sooner than you think.


Look for safety considerations, like non-slip bottoms to keep your pup from getting hurt when they dive into bed. And also check to make sure your dog bed isn’t made with materials known to be unsafe for pets. For example, some types of foam can contain hazardous chemicals. But manufacturers certified by organizations like CertiPURE-US have proven that their materials meet an approved safety standard. 


Depending on your personal preferences, you may be looking for a dog bed that stands out or blends in with the rest of your home. Either way, you’re sure to find a wide range of donut dog beds in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Just be sure to check the manufacturer’s return policy to ensure you can easily return your bed for a full refund if it doesn’t fit your style or home decor vibe. 

What is a Donut Dog Bed?

Donut dog beds are a popular style of dog beds with a round, comfy design that’s supported on all sides with bolsters, or a padded rim that gives the bed its iconic shape. Some manufacturers also call this style a bagel dog bed. 

Whatever name it goes by, you can find these beds in a wide variety of sizes and materials, and some even include special features like warming inserts and memory foam interiors.  

Benefits of Donut Dog Beds

There’s a lot to love about the donut dog bed. Some common benefits include:

  • Cozy and comfortable: Donut dog beds are designed to embrace your dog like a gentle hug, with a raised bolster that provides head and neck support just where your pup needs it. No matter what your dog’s size, sleep preferences, or style, it’s easy to find a soft, supple donut dog bed that’s just begging your dog to curl up and conk out. 
  • Warm: Dogs who love to snuggle in bed with you or nest in a bundle of blankets when they sleep will enjoy the way donut dog beds maximize warmth and retain body heat. For extra coziness, look for donut beds made from warm materials, like faux fur. Some even come with attached blankets for additional comfort and warmth.
  • Calming: Donut dog beds have a raised rim that goes all around the perimeter of the product, which helps dogs feel enclosed and secure. Calming dog beds are especially helpful if your pet tends to be stressed or suffers from anxiety.
  • Great for burrowing: If your dog loves to dig in and hunker down before going to sleep, an extra durable donut dog bed provides the perfect set-up for indulging these natural instincts before bedtime. 

How We Ranked Our Top Donut Dog Beds

We understand that every dog has different sleep needs, so we wanted to round up some donut dog bed options that would work for all kinds of pups. Our picks cover a range of sizes, styles, materials, and costs. And we made sure each of them got big thumbs (and paws) up from trusted pet parents and well-rested pups, with plenty of five-star reviews to prove it.