Crates can be an important part of training your dog, making it easier to house train and keep your pet safe when you can’t watch them. Adding a crate pad and creating a comfortable spot for your pup can help turn the crate into a cozy den they’ll love.

The type of crate pad that’s best for your dog depends on factors like their age and destruction tendencies, and how you’ll be using the crate. If your dog is large, you’ll want to consider crate pads designed to withstand heavy weight. Other features, like whether it’s waterproof or chew proof, should also be considered.

To help you choose the best dog crate pad for you and your pet, we’ve rounded up some of the best available and are sharing exactly when each might be useful.

Our Top Picks

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Best Dog Crate Pads: 8 Comfortable and Durable Picks

Best Overall Dog Crate Pad

Our Pick: PetFusion PuppyChoice Dog Crate Bed

PetFusion PuppyChoice Dog Crate Bed

A good crate pad is not only comfy for your pet, it’s easy to keep clean, too. This dog crate pad has both of those features at a reasonable price, making it our best overall pick. The inside foam pad is almost two inches thick and features a water-resistant, easy-to-remove microsuede fabric cover. Plus, to further prevent accidents from reaching the inside pad, there is a second completely waterproof layer between the cover and crate pad. If it gets dirty, the cover can be thrown into the wash to clean. It’s also super comfortable, and the surrounding bolsters offer a place for your dog to rest their head or lean on.

This crate pad may not be entirely indestructible, though, so if your dog tends to destroy their bedding, try our chew-proof crate pad pick below. But if your pup does get a little chew-happy with this pad, let the company know; they may be able to replace or refund your purchase.


  • Available in several sizes so you can choose the pad that best fits your dog’s crate
  • Water-resistant fabric cover and completely waterproof inner layer protect the foam pad
  • Bolsters provide additional comfort
  • Reasonably priced


  • While it’s made of durable material, this dog crate pad is not completely chew proof

Best Waterproof Dog Crate Pad

Our Pick: PetMaker Large Waterproof Dog Crate Pad

PetMaker Waterproof Dog Bed

For some dogs, a waterproof crate pad is a must. Puppies, senior dogs, and those who aren’t house trained can quickly ruin their crate pad unless it’s easy to clean. This waterproof crate pad won’t absorb liquids. Instead, the liquids pool on the waterproof nylon surface, where they’re easy to wipe away. This means that it won’t start smelling like urine and can be used again and again.

If a stain does occur, the mat can easily be flipped to the other side. And while this crate mat itself is not super thick (about an inch and a half), it seems to be strong enough and provide enough cushion to keep pets comfy.


  • Waterproof material repels liquids instead of absorbing
  • Thin yet strong cushioning keeps your pup comfy
  • Nylon material is easy to wipe clean


  • Limited sizing
  • Because liquid doesn’t absorb, it may get onto your pet or other items in the crate

Best Chew-Proof Dog Crate Pad

Our Pick: K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored Padded Dog Crate Pad

Not only is your pet chewing their crate pad a safety hazard, it can also mean you’re constantly buying new ones. This chew-proof dog crate pad keeps your pup from ingesting something they shouldn’t – and keeps you from spending extra money on replacements. It’s truly durable and one of the most chew-proof pads you can find. Unlike other beds, this one has an aluminum frame that the bedding is stretched across, eliminating any potential areas for your pup to sink their teeth into. Bonus: it’s also easy to clean and provides orthopedic support.

At over $100, this tough dog crate pad is significantly more expensive than other options. But the good news is that it could be the only crate mat you ever need to buy — especially since the company has a 120-day guarantee in which they’ll replace anything that is damaged for free.


  • Safer for dogs who might try to chew and ingest their bedding
  • Aluminum frame and durable material are built to last
  • Orthopedic fill is easy on dog’s joints
  • Simple to clean


  • Much more expensive than other crate beds, but it may be worth the money if your dog’s a heavy chewer

Best Orthopedic Dog Crate Pad

Our Pick: Big Barker Orthopedic 4″ Dog Crate Pad

Orthopedic 4" Dog Crate Pad by Big Barker

As dogs get older, they can develop arthritis and find it painful to lie in some positions. This orthopedic dog crate pad provides extra support to these areas, especially the elbows and hips. It’s filled with thick, supportive foam — a total of 4” — to take pressure off of your pup’s joints and give them a comfortable place to chill. 

The outer shell is durable and water resistant, so it’ll stand up to most accidents and dogs who might scratch their bedding before laying down. And while the price is on the higher side, this crate pad comes with a 10-year warranty that guarantees the foam will stay supportive.


  • Thick foam cushion provides support for dog’s joints
  • Durable, water-resistant material stands up to liquids and scratchy nails
  • 10-year warranty guarantees the cushion never sags


  • Higher price point compared to other dog crate pads

Best Plush Dog Crate Pad

Our Pick: Midwest Quiet Time Ombre Taupe Dog Bed

Midwest Quiet Time Ombre Taupe Dog Bed

Sometimes you just want your dog to have a super-cozy, super-plush place to lie down. A crate bed like this one, which is filled with a poly fiber cushion and covered by a soft, tufted outside layer, can easily act as a crate pad and offers a nice place for your dog to relax. It isn’t waterproof, meaning it might not be good for pups prone to accidents, but it is machine washable for easy cleaning. For added convenience, this plush dog crate pad comes in a wide range of sizes, and it’s highly affordable, with prices starting around just $15.


  • Soft, cozy design 
  • Available in multiple sizes, from XXS to XXL
  • Machine washable
  • Great price point


  • Not ideal for dogs who have accidents or like to chew 

Best Crate Pad for Big Dogs

Our Pick: Bully Beds Orthopedic, Washable & Waterproof Big Dog Bed

Bully Beds Orthopedic, Washable & Waterproof Big Dog Bed

Big dogs need thicker mats that can stand up to their weight and provide protection for their joints. This is technically a dog bed, but its various sizes fit well into crates, too. Not only is this bed large, it’s also 7” thick and filled with supportive foam. It has two layers of cover, both of which are removable and washable: the outside is a soft microfiber, and the second layer provides waterproof protection. Another plus is that the non-slip base keeps it from sliding around and potentially injuring your pet.

This crate pad is a pricey investment, so it may not be ideal for pets who like to destroy their bedding. But for other dogs, it could be worth the cost. It even promises to stand up to big dogs so well that it comes with a 20-year “no flat” guarantee.


  • Large size options and thick foam make this crate pad ideal for most dogs
  • Great for dogs with orthopedic issues as well
  • Two layers of protection: a soft microfiber outer with an inner waterproof layer
  • Machine-washable cover
  • 20-year “no flat” guarantee means the foam will stand up to big dogs


  • Very high price point

Best Warming Dog Crate Pad

Our Pick: K&H Mocha Self Warming Crate Pad

K&H Mocha Self Warming Crate Pad

If you live in a cold climate, giving your dog a warm place to curl up at night is a good idea. Fortunately, there are crate pads that are designed to hold in warmth without the need for any batteries or electricity. Instead, this crate pad uses a layer of insulation that captures your pet’s body heat and a layer of reflective material that gives it right back to them. But don’t worry, it will never get too hot — instead it provides constant, gentle warmth for your dog. The extra heat can also soothe your dog’s aches and pains, making this dog crate pad ideal for older pets. 


  • Self-warming layers capture and reflect your dog’s own body heat
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Removable cover is machine washable


  • Thinner design will not provide as much cushion for larger, heavier dogs; may need to use it on top of another crate pad
  • Not water resistant, so it may not be good for puppies prone to accidents

Best Cooling Pad for Dog Crates

Our Pick: Arf Pets Dog Cooling Mat

Arf Pets Dog Cooling Mat

Dogs can’t regulate their temperature as well as humans, which makes them prone to overheating. This is especially true in hot climates and with dogs that have a thick coat. A cooling mat like this, which doesn’t require any refrigeration or electricity, can help keep your pet at a comfortable temperature. The inside of the mat is filled with a gel that is “activated” when your dog lays on the mat. While it won’t feel super cold, it will feel nice and cool — think of how wood or tile floors capture coolness — and stay like that for around three hours before needing a quick 15-minute period of non-use to “recharge.”

On its own, this cooling mat isn’t particularly cushioned, so if you want to provide extra comfort to your dog, you can use it as a topper to another dog crate pad. Be sure to check the size and weight limits before you buy, since each size can only accommodate a certain weight.


  • Provides three hours of cooling before needing a 15-minute “recharge”
  • No batteries or electricity required
  • Made with non-toxic materials
  • Great for senior dogs or those recovering from surgery
  • Available in multiple sizes to accommodate dogs of varying weights


  • May need to be combined with a thicker crate mat to provide additional comfort

What Is a Dog Crate Pad?

A dog crate pad is used to line the bottom of the crate to make it more comfortable, since crates typically have a hard metal or plastic floor. Crate pads for dogs are similar to dog beds, but crate pads are typically sized to the crate and can vary in thickness and material. 

If your dog will be spending hours in their crate — especially if that’s where they sleep at night — adding padding or something soft makes it easier on their joints. By creating a comfier place for your dog to sleep, it may also encourage them to enjoy their crate more.

Types of Dog Crate Pads

The type of dog crate pad you choose depends a lot on the age and behavior of your pet. For example, puppies might need something waterproof and chew proof, while seniors might need an orthopedic pad to support their joints. Let’s take a look at some common types of crate pads.

Waterproof and Water Resistant

For dogs who aren’t completely house-trained or those prone to accidents, try a waterproof or water-resistant crate pad. Waterproof means that absolutely no liquids will seep through, while water resistant usually means it will repel liquid but may not totally prevent the liquid from saturating the mat. These types of crate pads are ideal for puppies and senior dogs alike.

Chew Resistant

No crate pad can be completely chew proof, but there are a number of options that will at least make chewing very difficult. For puppies or destructive dogs, finding a crate pad that keeps them comfortable without the risk of being torn apart — or of your dog potentially ingesting something they shouldn’t — is important. 

You can also take steps to make sure chewing won’t happen. “As for puppies, observe them with a dog bed or crate pad outside the crate,” says Lizzy Flanagan, a force-freee dog trainer. “If they don’t chew it, try leaving the bed in the crate for a few minutes and build duration from there!”  


Orthopedic bedding is often made with thick foam that supports your dog’s joints. Arthritis is a common ailment for dogs, and choosing an orthopedic crate mat takes the pressure off sensitive areas, like hips and elbows. Plus, all dogs can use an orthopedic crate pad, not just seniors.


If you can trust your dog not to chew their bedding and aren’t worried about accidents, you can also choose super-plush crate pads that cuddle your pet and make them feel extra comfy. 

Ultimately, the best crate pad is the one that your dog loves — and keeps them safe.

Our Selection Process

Happy dog asleep in their crate with a dog crate pad

When compiling our list of the best dog crate pads, we considered the following:

Design: We looked at all the design features that could impact the comfort, functionality, and safety of each crate pad.

Ease of Use: A crate pad is only as helpful as its convenience factor, so we made sure to pay special attention to ease of use/cleaning for each pick on our list.

Customer Reviews: Because it never hurts to have other pet parents weigh in when you’re making a purchase, we kept an eye on customer ratings and reviews.

Price: Depending on your needs/budget, you may have a specific price range in mind for your dog crate pad. That’s why we called out pads that are a great value, as well as those that have a bit of a higher price tag.

Dog Crate Pad Buying Guide

Owner snuggling dog's face as it sits on their desk next to their laptop

Besides the personality, size, and age of your pup, here are a few other things to consider when purchasing a dog crate pad. 

Safety. The crate is a place where your dog goes to be secure, so you want to make sure the crate pad won’t be a hazard. “Since crate time is often unsupervised, safety is a factor,” explains Flanagan. “If your dog is a super-chewer and enjoys de-stuffing toys, [they] will likely do the same to a stuffed bed!” Flanigan suggests choosing a durable pad/bed or skipping it altogether. 

Ease of Cleaning. Waterproof crate pads and washability are another important feature for a lot of pet owners. “If your dog is a drooler or sheds a lot, choose a crate pad or bed that washes easily,” advises Flanagan. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing to repurchase crate pads often as they begin to smell.

Comfort. And finally, the comfort of your dog is very important. Some dogs might like plush beds that they can cocoon in, and other dogs may prefer orthopedic options. “Senior dogs benefit from a bit of extra cushion. Memory foam is an excellent option for all dogs, especially seniors and dogs with joint pain,” says Flanagan.

Dog Crate Pad FAQs

Do dogs need crate pads?

Dog crate pads aren’t an absolute necessity, especially if your pet is destructive and the crate pad has the potential to be shredded or eaten. But for senior pets, crate pads can certainly make them more comfortable. If your dog tends to destroy crate pads but you still want them to have a cozy place to sleep, look for waterproof and chew-proof options. You can also consider waterproof dog blankets if your dog is prone to chewing pads. 

How do you wash a dog crate pad?

Ideally, the dog crate pad will be machine washable, whether you can toss the entire pad into the wash or just remove the cover. Be sure to read the instructions on your crate pad so that you wash it correctly and don’t risk shrinking the material. It’s also a good idea to spot clean the crate pad occasionally to keep it from becoming scuzzy.

Can you put a dog bed in a crate? 

A dog bed can be used in a crate, but a specially sized crate pad will fit better and be more comfortable for your dog. Try to choose one that’s the same size as the crate to ensure it fits snugly and won’t slide around or bunch up under your pup.