If you own a dog, it’s safe to say that you probably own a good amount of dog toys as well. Pets sure do love their playthings, but one aspect pet parents may not like? Constantly cleaning up and tripping over toy after toy. This is where a dog toy box can be a huge help.

Yes, dog toy boxes are a great storage solution, but with so many to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve rounded up nine of the best toy boxes for dogs to get you started. 

Dog Toy Boxes: What to Consider

A dog toy storage box makes perfect sense for pet parents who hate seeing toys scattered all over their home. Having somewhere to stash all your dog’s toys means you’ll never be left hunting under the couch for their favorite, and it also allows you to periodically switch things up. “Dogs love anything new and exciting, so rotating toys is a great idea,” says Steffi Trott, founder of SpiritDog Training. “I recommend rotating toys every one to two weeks… this way, your dog will never get tired of all their toys!”

A designated doggie toy box can be a better option than a standard bin or basket, because they’re often designed for ease of use, with features like handles, and made from materials that can stand up to regular use. For more details about the features to look for, check out our buying guide below.

How We Selected Our Top Dog Toy Box Picks

In addition to speaking to experts for their advice on how to safely store dog toys (and using our own experience as pet parents to toy-loving dogs), we considered a range of factors when choosing which boxes to include on our list.

Design. We looked at the design features of each box, noting those that offer convenience, like a lid or handles, as well as those that deliver a decorative touch.

Quality/durability. We also zeroed in on the materials of our selections, calling out sturdiness, flexibility, along with anything that may be tempting for chronic chewers to gnaw on.

Ratings/reviews. Because fellow pet parents are often an excellent source of information, we checked out the reviews for each box and only included those with good overall ratings.

Price. Last, but certainly not least, we kept budget in mind as we made our selections, including both affordable options and a few that may be more of a splurge.

Our List

9 Best Dog Toy Boxes in 2024

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Overall Best Dog Toy Box

Our pick: Bone Dry Hyacinth Bone-Shaped Toy Basket  

Bone Dry Bone-Shaped Hyacinth Storage Basket

This stylish and modern dog toy storage basket is eye-catching and practical all in one. The adorably unique bone shape means there’s no mistaking that it’s for dog toys and accessories, and the neutral color and woven design are sure to blend in seamlessly with your home décor. This basket is also easy to carry around thanks to the sturdy wire structure. We don’t recommend you keep it within easy reach of a dog that loves chewing, though, because it could prove irresistible!


  • Available in three sizes 
  • Lightweight 
  • Fits lots of toys 
  • Cute bone shape 


  • Wicker design may not stand up to chewing
  • Higher price point 

Best Custom Dog Toy Box 

Our pick: Pet Artist Collapsible Dog Toy Storage Basket

Collapsible Dog Toy Storage Basket Bin with Personalized Pet's Name

This personalized dog toy storage box is a great choice if you want everyone to know who those toys belong to! Plus, if you’ve got multiple dogs who all have clear toy preferences, keeping their stuff in separate, customized dog toy storage boxes is a great idea. All you have to do is choose your color and specify your pet’s name. This box is even accented with two paw prints for an adorable added touch!


  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Can be personalized with your pet’s name
  • Lightweight
  • Collapsible when not in use 
  • Fabric handles for easy carrying 


  • Wipe clean only 
  • Base in’t very sturdy 

Best Wooden Dog Toy Box

Our pick: Babepet Wooden Dog Toy Box

A wooden toy box is a great idea if you’re looking for a durable option that will last for years to come. The cutout paw design on the front of the box is a nice touch, and we love that the bones on the sides double as handles! One thing to note is that this box isn’t the largest, so check the dimensions before you buy, especially if your dog has a lot of toys.    


  • Neutral design 
  • Made from eco-friendly bamboo
  • Cutout bones on the sides can be used as handles


  • Assembly required
  • Only available in one size: 13.7” x 9” x 6.8”

Best Large Dog Toy Box

Our pick: Morezi Round Dog Toy Basket

If your dog has a lot of toys, you’ll need a large dog toy storage box to keep them all contained! Crafted from durable cotton rope in a pretty gray tone, this big basket includes integrated handles, making it easy to pick up and move around as needed. We also love that it’s washable, so you can simply throw it in the washing machine when it gets a little grubby! One tip: this basket is delivered folded, so you’ll need to either fill it with blankets or iron it to give it shape before use.  


  • Fits lots of toys 
  • Washable 
  • Folds for easy storage 
  • Stylish design with a dog graphic and “my toys” script on the front


  • Needs to be shaped before use (and may lose shape over time)

Best Small Dog Toy Box

Our pick: Gyecete Soft Felt Dog Toy Storage Bin

This fun felt toy box is perfect for storing smaller toys. It features a minimalistic design and neutral color that fits with most home decor, and the bone decal on the front adds a touch of cuteness. Some dogs may find the wooden handles temptingly chewable, though, so it might be best to keep this box out of reach.


  • Available in a few different designs/colors
  • Lightweight    
  • Made from sturdy felt 
  • Good value for the money


  • Spot clean only 
  • May lose shape over time 

Best Dog Toy Basket

Our pick: Bayou Breeze Abaca Dog Toy Storage Basket

D-Art Collection Abaca Dominant Dog & Cat Toy Storage Basket

This chic, two-tone abaca basket is an understated, elegant, stylish way to hide dog toys. It’s big enough to fit a selection of your dog’s favorite toys without taking over your space and lightweight enough to be portable, so you can move it from room to room as needed.


  • Handcrafted from wicker rattan and banana leaf
  • Neutral design
  • Lightweight and portable


  • May not be enough storage for dogs with lots of toys

Best Outdoor Dog Toy Box

Our pick: Rubbermaid Weather Resistant Storage Box

If your dog has a lot of outdoor toys, it makes sense to choose a waterproof, weather-resistant box like this one to keep them safely stored outside but still protected from the weather. This sturdy outdoor dog toy storage bin is the perfect solution thanks to its durable, weatherproof design. Put it on the deck or by your back door for easy access and cleanup. One thing to bear in mind is that there are no ventilation holes, so make sure the toys are dry when you put them away, or air everything out by propping the lid open on a sunny day.  


  • Choose from four sizes 
  • Durable construction 
  • Maintenance free 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • No holes for airflow
  • Higher price point 

Best Metal Dog Toy Box

Our pick: BREKX Galvanized Metal Dog Toy Storage Bin 

Metal toy boxes are a great idea because of their durability, and this one is definitely built to last. It’s made of leak-proof, rust-proof galvanized metal, so there’s no need to worry that your dog will chew or damage it. You can choose from two sizes, depending on how many toys your pup has, and handles on either side make it easy to move around. Plus, it comes in a stylish copper or white finish that’s scratch resistant. 


  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes
  • Stylish design 
  • Durable 
  • Fits plenty of toys 


  • Higher price point

Best Value Dog Toy Box

Our pick: Top Paw Toy Box

If you’re looking for a cute way to store your dog’s smaller toys, this toy box is a great option. Made from sturdy fabric with a paw print and bone pattern, it features fabric handles on either side for simple maneuvering. Customers love the dip in the front, which allows pups to easily reach their toys. Plus, you can’t beat the price!


  • Great value for the money 
  • Durable design
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Front dip gives dogs toy access 


  • Not the best option for larger toys
  • May not be ideal if want to limit your dog’s toy access
  • Spot clean only 

Dog Toy Storage Buying Guide

Dog playing with toy in home

Need a bit of help figuring out what features to look for when choosing a toy box for your dog? We’ve got you covered. Here’s what to bear in mind:  


Size is a big factor in your search for storage. Large breed dogs with a lot of chunky toys will need a bigger box than a petite pup with smaller toys. Thinking about these things in advance will help you determine the right type of dog toy storage to consider. And make sure you check the dimensions carefully before you buy — sometimes these boxes are smaller than they look! 

“The number of dogs and type of toys will make a difference in what size box to use,” says Trott. “The more dogs you own or the larger their toys are, the larger the box should be.” Trott also recommends starting with one box and adding more as you keep collecting toys. 


Dog toy boxes come in all sorts of materials — from soft fabric to wood, metal, and plastic. If your dog is a drooler and their toys often get wet, look for a toy box that can be washed. If your dog loves to chew things, avoid a soft felt or canvas box that they might be tempted to nibble on. Additionally, if you plan to use it outside or in your basement, you might want a waterproof toy box that can stand up to changes in temperature. 

Trott also suggests thinking about your dog’s overall prey drive when choosing a material. 

“Some little breeds, older dogs or dogs with low toy drive could have their toys stored in a cloth-type bin,” she says. “However, some dogs have a very strong toy drive and they will try to get to their toys no matter what. In this case, I highly recommend keeping the toy box out of reach regardless of the material you’re using. Breeds like Malinois or American Bulldogs might try to chew through any type of box, in which case they may ingest pieces and become very sick.”


If you do decide to leave the box on the floor where your dog can access it and are looking to keep pets out of the toy box until it’s time to play, you might prefer a box with a lid to stop them from helping themselves! Just keep in mind that a box without a lid allows for more airflow. 


Some dog toy boxes are pretty basic, while others wouldn’t look out of place in even the most stylish home. Look around your house and consider your decor, then search for storage that closely aligns to your tastes.

In addition to selecting a design that will suit your style, consider things like accessibility, handles, and whether your chosen box will easily fit into the space you have in mind. 


From affordable fabric boxes that you can replace time and time again, to wooden and metal boxes that are more of an investment, there’s something out there for everyone. Consider how much you want to spend before you start shopping

Tips for Dog Toy Box Success

Dog playing with toys from toy basket

Choosing a box for dog toy storage not only helps keep your home tidy, it’s safer for your dog, too. While some dogs can handle having their toys available at all times, it may not be a great idea for all. “Whether dogs should be allowed free access to their toy box will depend on their disposition and drive,” says Trott. “Some dogs do a very good job in regulating themselves. They might take a toy, play for a bit and then walk away and take a nap — and that’s great! Other, more intense dogs will play for hours with toys if they are freely available, which is not ideal.”

Trott adds that technically, all dog toys should be used under supervision, unless you’re very sure that your dog can safely play by themselves. “Prolonged high-intensity play can lead to over-arousal. Dogs that struggle with over-arousal, or too much excitement, have a harder time focusing on training and are more likely to be impulsive and destructive,” she explains. “If you know your dog would happily play with their toys for hours, it’s best to limit their access so they do not enter a ‘spiral of craziness’.” 

When it comes to cleaning up, doing a little bit every day can help keep things under control. Try having a specific area dedicated to your pup’s everyday stuff so it doesn’t overwhelm every room in your house. 

As you get into a routine of tidying up, you can even have your dog help bring their toys over to the box. And when you put the toys back in, you might want to give them a quick wipe, checking soft toys for holes and hard toys for any cracks or breaks that could make them unsafe. If you do a more thorough cleaning of the toys, always use pet-safe products (never harsh chemicals) and follow each item’s instructions.

And, of course, treat your dog to a new toy every now and again to keep that box nice and full!