Being a puppy is hard work. It involves a lot of playing, eating and being cute. So no wonder they struggle to keep their tiny little eyes open.

Here are some cuties that can't help themselves from dozing off, no matter if they're standing up — or if Lady Gaga is playing:

Do you ever find yourself sitting in the dark movie theater or on your couch watching TV or maybe even in a meeting at work and as you struggle to stay awake, your head does the tell-tale jerky nod, which you hope no one noticed? That's sort of what happens to this 8-week-old Pug puppy.

Not even the excitement of a Fourth of July parade can keep Dotty, an English Bulldog puppy, from dozing off.

Lady Gaga inspires many of us to start singing and dancing. To this Pomeranian, the tunes of the pop star are more like lullaby, or he just has a really good poker face.

This Boxer must truly be exhausted — he falls asleep while standing up!