Regal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
You know that little dogs are cute, but you’ve probably also heard a lot of things about them that simply aren’t true. Don’t worry, we are going to dispel common myths and misconceptions about small dog breeds.

1. All Small Dogs Are Yappy

Yes, there are certain breeds whose barks are high and loud. But that doesn’t mean that all little breeds are barkers. In fact, some small dogs, like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Italian Greyhounds, made our list of the 15 quietest dog breeds. Other small breeds that generally don’t bark much include Chinese Cresteds, Boston Terriers, Japanese Chins and Shiba Inus.

It’s important to keep in mind that we pet owners are sometimes to blame for a dog’s barking behavior. Dog owners may accidentally encourage their pups to bark by giving them attention when they make noise. Instead of yelling at or picking up a barking dog, a pet owner should teach him the quiet command.

2. Small Dogs Are Easier to Care for Than Large Dogs

Don’t let their size fool you — small dogs can come with a host of challenges. Sure, they’re usually easier to walk and carry around. And, yes, they generally don’t need to eat as much as large dogs. But small dogs can be harder to housetrain. Bichon Frises are especially notorious for peeing indoors. Some little breeds, like Yorkies and Shih Tzus, can require high-maintenance grooming. Plus, small dogs tend to be more prone to dental disease, so owners have to be vigilant about dental care. And let’s not forget: Many little dogs have huge personalities. Without proper training and socialization, their feistiness and boldness can become annoying and not so charming.

3. All Small Dogs Are Lap Dogs or “Purse Puppies”

Though some dogs are bred to sit in your lap, good luck getting a Pomeranian or Jack Russell to snuggle on the couch. And just because some little dogs fit perfectly in a purse doesn’t mean they want to be carried in one all the time — or at all. Many small breeds would prefer to walk on their own four legs.
Jack Russell Terrier running

4. Small Dogs Don’t Need Exercise

Don’t underestimate a small dog’s speed, agility or athleticism. Many little breeds are just as athletic and energetic as their larger counterparts. Jack Russell Terriers, Schipperkes, Shelties, Miniature Bull Terriers and plenty of other small breeds tend to excel at canine sports like agility, flyball, obedience and rally. And some small dogs can even be great jogging or hiking buddies if they’re in good health.

5. Small Dogs Are “Less Manly”

It may seem crazy, but there are still some people who believe small dogs aren’t a good fit for tough guys, even though many excel at sports, make good watchdogs and are incredibly loyal. If you are one of those naysayers, its time to start showing the little dogs — and the men who adore them — the respect they deserve. Especially when you see just how popular and profitable small dogs can be. Menswear Dog is raking in $15,000 a month. And Boo the Pomeranian? Hello, book deals, merchandise and almost 17 million Facebook fans.

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