Stuffed Boo

Next time you walk into a toy store, you could see a plush version of your very own pup gracing the shelves. He might even be displayed right next to the very popular plush Boo toy.

So how will your adorable pup get the chance to rub (button) noses with the world’s cutest dog? Simple. Teddy bear and soft toy manufacturer GUND wants you to submit your best photo of your pet for their first ever “Top Dog” contest.

If your pet is deemed the most beautiful, absolute ugliest, best dressed or happens to look exactly like you, then you could win the grand prize of GUND creating a limited edition toy model of your canine that will be sold in gift and toy stores in 2013.

To enter, submit your pup’s photo Gund’s Facebook contest tab by August 15, 2012. Your photo must meet one of these four categories:

  • Most Beautiful Dog
  • Ugliest Dog
  • “Doganista” / Best Dressed Dog
  • Dog that Most Resembles its Owner

The winners will be chosen at the category level based on which dog gets the most votes per category. So you’ll obviously want to tell all your friends, family, co-workers, friends of friends and distant relatives to vote. From there, a panel of judges will pick one grand prize winner out of the category winners. Winners will be chosen the week of August 20th and announced the week of August 27th.

Check out GUND’s website for full the rules and regulations and more information about the contest.