SwiPets pet hair cleaning gloves

Pet hair has a way of collecting in the hardest-to-reach spots in your home, doesn't it? It accumulates along baseboards, on lampshades, on the undersides of furniture and in every single crack and crevice you didn’t know existed.

Even after a thorough vacuuming or defuzzing session, it’s still there. But now there's a new pet product we found at the Global Pet Expo 2014 that can stop the madness: the SwiPets™ Pet Hair Cleaning Glove.

This oh-so-simple pet hair remover is a champ at cleaning pet hair from pretty much any surface it appears on (so, pretty much every surface).

What Is It?

It's a glove. Yes, a glove. And it's covered in a patent-pending coating that gives it the right amount of stickiness to grab pet hair. Simply swipe your gloved palm across floors, counters, couches or other surfaces, or use your finger and coax that hair right out of corners, edges, cracks and crevices.

Pick off the hair from the glove, trash the fuzz and keep going. And when it loses its stickiness, toss the glove in the wash, and it will come out ready to go for another round — because, as you know, pet hair removal is an endless process.

Where Else Can You Use It?

If your head is spinning with the number of places in your home that could use a few swipes of the SwiPets glove, just think about what this could do for your car. Every little spot you can't reach with a vacuum is probably accessible with one of your 10 fingers.

And now you can wear black every day, if you want. Bring back your black pants, black jacket, black skirt, black sweater, whatever. Run your SwiPets-gloved hand over your outift to get the fur off, and you'll be good to go. Just run quickly out the door before the pet hair magically collects on you again.

Gone are the days of knowing the pet hair is lurking in the corners but being powerless to remove it. You now have the power. Use it well.

Where Can You Get It?

SwiPets.com, $14.99–$19.99.
Buy them in packs of one glove or two.

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