11 Reasons Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs

Puppies are fun, and adult dogs are lovely, but anyone who has ever shared a home with a senior canine knows that there's no love deeper than that of an old dog. We asked our Facebook fans to share pictures of their beloved seniors, and here are our favorites — plus 11 reasons why old dogs are the best dogs.

Nothing is more special than looking into an old dog's trusting eyes.

Sir Wickett
"It's like Christmas every time I come home, whether I've been gone for five minutes or all day. Sir Wickett is 12 years old here and the best friend I've ever had." — Nikki JJ

They're always willing to show younger dogs the ropes.

Golden Retriever
"Old dogs make the best mentors for silly young pups!" — Dawn Seaton

They don't mind sleeping in with you.

"My name is Chance, and I will be 13 in September!" — Jenn Vasicek Sterling

They always forget how old they are.

"Because, after being with us for so long, they know exactly how to win our hearts. This is Navarre. He is still dock diving at 11 years old." — Jill Gibbs

You can no longer imagine life without them.

"This is Betty, my 16-year-old Shih Tzu rescue. She has pancreatic cancer but is still fighting like a little champ. I'm the lucky one to have such a sweet pup in my life to share a pillow with." — Kate Komenda

They've learned to read your emotions like no one else can.

"My Cockapoo Moe is a well-seasoned lap warmer for everyone that comes in my home." — Kristy Woodhouse

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