15 Adorable Cats and Dogs Keeping Cool in the Heat

May 23 is National Heat Awareness Day, and humans aren't the only ones who can become sick when it's hot outside. Pets can suffer from heat stress, too. To remind you to keep your dogs and cats safe from the heat, we found 15 photos of pets staying cool on hot summer days.

Pets Beating the Heat

Dogs cool off in pool.

Abby, a Golden Retriever, and her best friend J.R., an English yellow Lab, beat the heat by hanging at the pool.

Dog puts face in sprinkler.

Angel the Border Collie stays cool with help from the lawn sprinkler.

Dog on green floaty.

Eddy, a Chihuahua-Maltese-Lhasa Apso mix, loves to float in the pool.

Dog on canoe trip.

A Collie-Chow mix named Argos is at peace on Peace River in Florida.

Dog jumping in sprinkler.

What's Jack the Australian Cattle Dog mix's favorite way to beat the Texas heat? Playing in the sprinkler, of course!

Dog walking down the beach.

An Aussie named Jinx takes a leisurely stroll down a beach in Monterey, California, to keep cool on a hot day.

Dog on blue floaty.

Sunny days find Missy the Chihuahua relaxing in the pool on a float.

Dog with pool gear.

Karmen, a Pit Bull-German Shepherd mix, couldn't be more ready to cool off (and play) at the beach.

Dog surfing.

Surf's up! Libby the Australian Cattle Dog hangs 10 in Southern California.

Cat by pool.

Lily, a domestic shorthair, poses on the fountain overlooking her owner's screened-in swimming pool and wonders, "Why aren't there any fish in that water?"

Dog asleep on boat.

Maverick the Beagle knows that summertime is for relaxing on the boat.

Dog in goggles.

Nacho the Chihuahua is ready for a day at the pool, goggles and all.

Dog in creek.

Pip, a Staffordshire Terrier, enjoys his part-time summer job: recovering golf balls lost in a creek and burying them in the sand.

Dog on canoe trip.

Zoë, a Border Collie, feels the wind in her fur during a canoe trip at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Florida.

Dog in life-jacket at beach.

Safety first! Bruce the French Bulldog rocks his life jacket at the beach.

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