5 SuperZoo Pet Products We Wish We'd Thought Of

While checking out all the new and innovative pet products at the 2013 SuperZoo pet product trade show in Las Vegas, we couldn’t help but think: “Oh, I wish I had thought of that!”

Want to play tug with your dog’s favorite toys without getting your hands slobbery? The folks at DogTread already thought of it. Tired of replacing worn-out cat scratchers? Petlinks solved that problem.

Check out our gallery of truly innovative pet products and tell us in the comments below about a pet product that you want to invent.

Innovative Inventions We Loved at SuperZoo 2013

K9 Fit Tug

Courtesy of DogTread


If your canine has a favorite toy he loves to play tug with, but you can't keep a solid grip on it (or, more realistically, it gets too slobbery to hold), the K9FITtug from DogTread makes playtime a lot more enjoyable. Tie it onto your pup's favorite toy and tug away!

DogTread K9FITtug, available online in fall 2013 for $24.99.

Mix and Scratch

Mix-n-Scratch Cat Scratchers

Instead of buying a whole new scratching post when your feline wears out the material on it, a new product from Petlinks lets you buy a scratching surface refill — without needing to totally replace the post itself. These cat scratcher refills come in seagrass, sisal, carpet and jute materials.

Petlinks Mix-n-Scratch Cat Scratcher Refills, available at Petco for $9.99.

Bonbal Dog Toy

Pet Projeckt Bonbal

Pet Projeckt's Bonbal is two toys in one. Does your dog like to play fetch? Fold down the ends of the rubber, bone-shaped toy to easily turn the bone into a ball. Or maybe he prefers chew toys? Just unfold the ball to transform it back into a bone. This creative toy comes in three neon colors (green, blue and pink) and small and large sizes.

Pet Projeckt Bonbal, $8 for small and $14 for large.

MixMaxx Puzzle for Cats

Courtesy of The Company of Animals

MixMax Puzzle

Can your cat or dog master a food puzzle in a matter of minutes? With the MixMax Puzzle from The Company of Animals, your savvy pet will never get bored. The interactive puzzle works much like a jigsaw puzzle — collect the different food puzzles, which are available in varying degrees of difficulty, and connect them together to create tons of different puzzle combinations.

MixMax Puzzle, available at Petco stores and independent retailers for $19.99.

Pet Links Scents of Security

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

Scents of Security

When your pet is away from home for a while, it may comfort him to get a little whiff of you — literally. This new plush toy from Petlinks lets you put a small article of well-worn clothing, like a smelly sock, into the cuddle toy's pocket. The product comes in five adorable designs: hippo, kangaroo, lamb, bear and blanket.

Petlinks Scents of Security, available at pet retailers for $7.99.


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