7 Quirky Products That Caught Our Eye at SuperZoo 2013

While we’re always fans of tennis balls, catnip toys and almost any item for humans that shows off how much we adore our pets, we have a special place in our hearts for products that are particularly quirky and creative.

We searched high and low at the 2013 SuperZoo pet product trade show in Las Vegas and found seven items that are truly unique — from a fortune cookie-shaped rubber dog toy to artful pet buttons with irreverent messages.

Creative and Kooky Items We Spotted at the Show

The Clock Lady Corgi Clock

The Clock Lady

Corgi Clock

You’ll never complain that you're dog-tired if you dress up your wall with a Corgi clock by The Clock Lady. The ready-made clock is printed on a high-quality matte canvas and can be customized with the background and clock hand style of your choice. Prefer a different breed? The new line is available in many popular breeds like Pugs and Labs and Dachshunds. Or, if you’re more of a cat fan, The Clock Lady has felines covered, too.

Corgi Clock, available at The Clock Lady, starting at $130.

Retro Pets Buttons

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

"Beastly" Buttons

Show a little pride (and sense of humor) for your favorite cat or dog breed with artist Krista Brooks’ bright and colorful “Beastly” Buttons from Retro Pets. With cheeky messages like “Head Honcho” on the Chihuahua button and “Whatever Kitty” on one of the cat buttons, you’ll be sure to get plenty of chuckles from your fellow pet lovers.

Retro Pets “Beastly” Buttons will be available in August at independent retailers and at Retro Pets, $1.50 for one, or two for $2.50.

Chewish Toys


Chewish Treats

Whether you've got a social Samoyed who loves to schmooze or a Collie with lots of chutzpah, there's a Chewish Treat to match. The Brooklyn-based company just released its new line of Jewish pet toys, including the Chutzpah Badger, Kosher Hot Dog, Schmoozer Parrot and Shayna Punim Panda. And remember: If your dog pulls out the squeaker, throw out the toy — it's dangerous to give the pieces back to him.

Chewish Treats, available online for $9.50 and up.

How Is Your Dog Feeling Today T-Shirt

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

How Is Your Dog Feeling Today T-Shirt

Is there anything that says, "Hi, I'm a dog lover!" better than a cool T-shirt with 25 dog faces on it? Although we haven't seen our canines make all of these expressions, we still love the humor of this shirt from Pure Sport. It comes in sizes from youth small to adult men's XXL, and in five colors: athletic gray, stone blue, stone green, orchid and pink.

Pure Sport T-Shirt, available in August on Amazon for $18.99.

Furchun Cookie

Pet Projekt

Pet Projekt Furchun Cookie

We know that pets with superior design intellect will appreciate the Furchun Cookie from Pet Projekt. You can stuff a treat into the little rubber toy, which is a definite conversation starter. The small and large Furchun Cookies come in neon green, pink and blue.

Pet Projekt Furchun Cookie, available online for $8 (small) and $12 (large).

Duck Dynasty Hat With Beard

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

Duck Dynasty Hat/Beard

Your pup might not be able to grow a beard as long as Jase, Si, Willie or Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, but thanks to Quaker Pet Group’s new line of Duck Dynasty hat/beards, your duck-hunting canine can look the part without having to spend years growing facial hair.

Make sure you supervise your pup when he’s wearing the getup. In fact, a perfect time for him to sport the hat/beard is on Wednesday, Aug. 14 — the date of the highly anticipated premiere of the fourth season.

Duck Dynasty Hat/Beard will be available in August online and at independent pet retailers, starting from $7.99.

Tea Zing Catnip


Petlinks Tea Zing Catnip Toy

If it isn’t already, tea time will soon be your favorite part of your day. As your refined feline busily plays with The Tea Zing catnip toy from Petlinks, you’ll get to sit back, relax and sip on some Earl Grey or chamomile. Of course, you shouldn’t become too consumed in your delicious tea — make sure you always keep an eye on your kitty when she plays with the toy.  

Petlinks Tea Zing Catnip Toy is available at PetSmart for $6.99.


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