Amazing and Lavish Ways Pets Are Pampered

dog on bed in hotel
D Pet Hotel
A pooch checks out his suite at the D Pet Hotel in Hollywood, California. 

Being a well-loved pet is a pretty good gig: Life is a parade of playing, eating, sleeping and cuddling — without any pesky work to interrupt.

Add upscale pampering to the mix, and that cushy reality becomes like an episode of Lifestyles of the Rich & Furry. Of course, before indulging your pet, check with your vet to make sure that any luxury foods, treatments or wearables aren't potentially harmful for your pet and if your pet is going to be around other animals it is especially important to keep him up-to-date on vaccinations.

And read on for some of the more interesting deluxe offerings available right now.

A Trend Years in the Making

“Some people may think Paris Hilton started this whole pampered pooch thing, but it predates her,” says Kelly E. Carter, author of The Dog Lover's Guide to Travel and founder of “Animal activist and actress Doris Day has co-owned pet-friendly hotel Cypress Inn in Carmel-by-the-Sea for more than 20 years. And in 1968, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton famously rented a 120-foot yacht to house their four pooches while Burton was shooting a movie near London. This isn’t a trend; it’s here to stay.” And when health experts began emphasizing the mental and physical benefits of owning pets about two decades ago, more and more people began adopting — and pampering — their animals.

As Carter says, pets are family members. So if you have the means, why not treat them to the kind of pampering you’d want for yourself and your loved ones? “Especially for people who haven’t yet had kids or whose kids have left for college, pets become like children,” says Andrea C., general manager at luxury dog retreat D Pet Hotels Hollywood.

Doggie Day Care, Hollywood Style

All over the country, you’ll find paradise-style resorts for pets with rolling grounds for romping, but D Pet Hotels Hollywood also offers door-to-door service — and much more — while owners are at work or traveling. The pet hotel’s luxurious urban-chic vibe (reflected in details like chocolate brown silk sheets and platform beds) is like a W Hotel for the four-legged set, and “we chauffeur within 3 miles,” says Andrea C., who cites one pup who gets picked up and dropped off every day. “Our most basic car is a Honda Element, but we also offer luxury vehicles like a Lamborghini.” (Chauffeur prices start at around $30 a ride.)

The doggie resort and spa — which also has New York City and Scottsdale, Arizona, locations — offers suites (ranging from $90 to $110 a night) with twin- and queen-size beds and flat-screen TVs showing animal-themed movies such as Hotel for Dogs and 101 Dalmatians. Services include boarding, day care ($35 for six hours; $45 for longer), grooming ($35 to $95) and spa treatments like the Classic Pawdicure ($50 to $70).

Clients range from hush-hush celebrities to regular folks, many of whom have specific requests. “People come in with Gucci collars on their dogs and other expensive accessories,” Andrea C. says. One pet owner requested a pink room because the dog loved pink. “We don’t have a pink room, but honestly the suites are nicer than my bedroom at home.”


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