Best Holiday Awkward Family Pet Photos

’Tis the season to send out holiday greeting cards to all your friends and family. But, as our friends at Awkward Family Pet Photos know, not all holiday snapshots are the same. Some are just plain kooky — especially when pets are included.

So with good tidings and great cheer, here are 10 wacky holiday animal portraits that are sure to make you laugh out loud and get you in the holiday spirit. And possibly make you think twice about dressing up the family cat this year.

The Wackiest Pet Portraits of the Season

Puppy Reindeer

Shortly after taking this photo, the dog converted.

Couple with llama

He was just thankful the red nose didn’t fit.

Frosty with ferrets

Frosty would later deny that he was holding two ferrets.

Family wearing cones of shame

Today we suffer together.

Mustached man and cat

Merry is subjective.

Hanukkah Dogs

It was a lot easier than trying to form a Christmas tree.

Woman and raccoon

You never know what you might find in the tinsel.

Girl with monkey

They make great stocking stuffers.

Family with tons of dogs

It’s the time of year to celebrate with as many animals as you can.

Family with cat, duck and bird

The family is considering adopting a few more laps.

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