Bunny Accessories That Make Us Jump for Joy

bunny jewelry

We love rabbits and we're not afraid to say it. They're soft, they're adorable, and we love the way their little noses twitch. In fact, we're willing to wear our bunny love on our sleeve! Or, well, in our hair, or on our wrist, or on a finger, as the case may be. And so, these darling designs from Hillier are just our cup of tea.

From a sweet, striped Bunny Barrette (£75) or a bejeweled Bunny Pony (£35) for your hair to some fancier baubles like the Gold Bunny Love Ring (£2,900) or the Pretty Pave Small Bunny Bracelet (£1,090), we're hopping with delight that we spotted these beauties in this year's GOOP gift guide.

Oh, and if you have an affinity for another animal, you're still all set. Adorable Animal Paperclip Pendants, ranging from £350-£995, come in designs like a snail, a squirrel, an elephant and more.

Bunny accessories, Hillier, from £35 - £2,900.

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