Cat Beards: An Internet Fad We Can Get Behind

Cat Beard
Kristen Seymour, Vetstreet

Here at Crittr, we consider ourselves pretty savvy when it comes to all things interwebz. Some fads, particularly those involving Grumpy Cat memes and goats screaming in Taylor Swift songs, we love. Others... not so much. We're looking at you, Harlem Shake. Cat beards, however, definitely fall into our "love" column.

Creating one of these magical photographs is easy: Just hold your cat in front of you, tilting his head upwards so that his nose lines up with yours. Then take a selfie or enlist a friend (or a professional cat wrangler) to snap the shot for you.

Voilá! Now you have feline facial hair.

Check out the Cat Beard Tumblr for inspiration, and let us know if you can persuade your cat to participate in this trend. We're already on board! (And haven't gotten scratched... yet.)


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