Celebrating Animals: July

It’s hot outside, but there are lots of cool animal holidays in the month of July. Many of these observances fall outside the realm of cats and dogs, and urge us to turn our attention toward the wild animal kingdom. Click through the gallery to see what days to set aside this month for animal-themed celebrations.

Celebrating Animals: July

small rabbit in outstretched hand

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Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month

Rabbits reproduce like, well, rabbits — so perhaps that’s why we pause not once, but twice each year to celebrate these adorable creatures. We have two whole months — February and July — to consider the humble domestic rabbit as a potential addition to our pet families. Bunnies are surprisingly well suited to living inside your home, so hop on over to a local shelter and see if one of these cute, cuddly, incredibly sweet animals is a match for you.

buffalo looking at camera

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National Bison Month

Each July, the folks at the National Bison Association direct our thoughts to the wild, wind-swept plains of the American West. Oh, give me a home, indeed, where these fascinating creatures roam — but make sure that home is pretty secure, since buffalo are also among some of the most aggressive animals we humans will come across. Still, there’s little harm in observing these majestic plains-dwellers from afar, or, as the NBA suggests, from above your dinner plate.

flaming candles

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National Pet Fire Safety Day — July 15

Pet lovers should take notice of this special day sponsored by the American Kennel Club, the National Volunteer Fire Council and ADT Security Services. Because we all value the animal members of our families, it behooves us to take special steps to make sure they have the best possible chance of rescue and survival in a fire. Many local fire departments offer free window decals to alert emergency responders to the presence of pets in a home, or you can order a bunch online. It’s one of the easiest ways to give your animal companion a fighting chance in the event of a fire.

red snake on a tree limb

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World Snake Day — July 16

When we think about snuggling up to our favorite animal friends, snakes typically don’t make the list. But these unusual critters certainly are worth our attention — they’ve survived on our planet for millions of years, an impressive feat few other species have achieved. They can be found living almost anywhere, including the depths of the sea and high in jungle trees (they just don't like extreme cold). Sure, snakes are kind of creepy, but they’re also pretty cool, so pause for a moment on July 16 and give a nod to these scaly, legless, jaw-dislocating wonders of the animal kingdom.

elephant in a lake

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World Conservation Day — July 28

This international holiday of Dutch origin is one of the more obscure observances in July, but it’s worth noting on your calendars as a reminder of the wealth of animal and plant life supported on our planet. Take a moment on this day to consider what steps you can take to help endangered animals and shore up the shrinking resources on which our beloved furred, feathered and scaly brethren depend.

scruffy grey dog

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Mutts’ Day — July 31

July certainly falls within the dog days of summer, so this end-of-the-month observance is particularly timely. And just as there are thousands of dogs out there of dubious origin, so are there thousands of ways to celebrate this tail-wagging holiday. Consider volunteering for a few hours at a local shelter, offer to dog-sit a neighbor’s pooch or simply spend some time reading up on why these canine mashups can be particularly lovable.


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