Meet Sneezy, the Tiny-Hat-Loving Squirrel

What do college freshmen and squirrels have in common? They both go a little nuts when set loose on a college campus. But a certain squirrel named Sneezy, who frequently scampers through Penn State, is a little tamer and friendlier than your average woodland creature.

Thanks to Mary Krupa, a Penn State freshman known on campus as the squirrel whisperer, Sneezy went from being just an average gray squirrel to a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed tiny-hat model.

Krupa made friends with Sneezy and some of the other university squirrels by feeding them peanuts. Eventually they let her put hats on them. She took photos of her little furry friends and made a Facebook page — it quickly went viral.

Sneezy’s Facebook page already has over 5,000 likes, and she’s been featured on Buzzfeed and Mashable. So Henri and Maru better watch out, she could be the next big animal celebrity.

Sneezy the Squirrel Models Tiny Hats


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