Paw Photos Help Shelter Dogs in Need

Get your camera ready. A dog food company has an easy way for you and your dog to help shelter pups. If you post a photo of your dog’s paws on Instagram and include the hashtag #DOGforDOGpaws before June 2, Dog for Dog will donate a meal to a shelter dog. The idea seems to be inspired by a recent promotion by Tom’s Shoes, where that company donated a pair of shoes for each picture of human feet. Dog for Dog generally donates a product to a dog in need for each product they sell. — Read it at BarkPost

Supporting for @DogforDog campaign. Tag #DogforDogPaws in a photo of your dogs paws once a day until 2nd June to donate one bowl of food to shelters in need. #instadaily #whiskey #beagle #dog #pet #cute #best #love #animals #instapets

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