Polar Bear Cub Meets Adoring Fans in Buffalo

The cub poses for a photo shoot at 3 months old.
Buffalo Zoo
The cub poses for a photo shoot at 3 months old.

She may look like a teddy bear, but the Buffalo Zoo’s 4-month-old polar bear cub really is this cute. The cub, who was born on Nov. 27 at the Buffalo Zoo, was introduced to the public this month as the next phase of fund-raising for a new polar bear exhibit was announced.

Still too small to go on exhibit, the baby bear was born to mom Anana and dad Nanuq, but this little girl has been hand-raised by a veterinary technician and keepers at the zoo.

Although the cub hasn’t officially been named yet, her keepers have nicknamed her Luna because she was born on a night with a full moon.

The zoo is hoping that seeing the adorable cub will inspire more local residents to donate to their campaign to complete the $18 million, 60,000-square-foot Arctic Edge exhibit for the zoo’s polar bears. The “Bear Necessities” aims to raise the final $14 million that’s needed to finish the project.


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