The Things We Do for Love: "My Mini Pig Has His Own Chateau"

Courtesy: Courtney Love Gavin
H. Finn enjoys his own personal space.

Caroline Golon, the human behind the popular humor blog Romeo the Cat, shares the stories of pet owners who go the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love.

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When Courtney Love Gavin of San Francisco adopted Huckleberry Finn, a mini pig, she knew it would be a learning experience. And she was right. In the three years since “H. Finn” has been in her life, Gavin’s faced unexpected challenges and delights, and has discovered just what kind of special trappings make a mini pig happy.

Lord of the Manor

H. Finn adapted easily to life in Gavin’s apartment. He quickly learned to use a litterbox and enjoys his mini pig food Gavin orders for him. And he loves his extra treats of veggies or fruit.

While H. Finn sleeps with Gavin sometimes, most of the time he crashes in his own pad — a decked-out pig chateau, complete with windows and a chimney. Because mini pigs sleep a lot, having his own space is important, Gavin says. “He has his little bed, and I cuddle him up in blankets. He likes to be warm.”

H. Finn has the run of the house, but when he’s ready for breakfast, he comes into Gavin’s room to let her know it’s time to get up. “I can hear his [cloven hooves], and he makes this snorty-grunty sound to wake me up,” she says with a laugh.

A Neighborhood Celebrity

Gavin says the biggest challenge with having a mini pig as a pet is how others react to him. Each morning before work and each evening when she gets home, Gavin takes H. Finn on a walk around the park across the street from her apartment building. H. Finn either walks on a leash or Gavin pushes him in his stroller.


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