The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pampered Pooches and Spoiled Kitties

Since you already treat your pets like royalty, why not take it a step further and spoil them rotten with these luxury gifts? We scoured the web to find the bling-iest, most luxurious pet items around. Here are some of our favorites.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pampered Pooches and Spoiled Kitties

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Heritage Hen Mini Farm

Straight out of the 2012 Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts Guide, this Heritage Hen Mini Farm is the most luxurious henhouse ever made. The multilevel dwelling offers everything your egg-laying chickens could want: a nesting room, a roosting room, a library filled with chicken and gardening books, and much more. For added elegance, hens can congregate under a gorgeous chandelier. And for each Heritage Hen Mini Farm purchased, the company will donate $3,000 to the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

Heritage Hen Mini Farm, $100,000 at Neiman Marcus

Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion

If your cats don’t already think they’re royalty, they will when you bring home this 9-foot-tall Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion. They can lounge in the royal quarters, explore tunnels, perch on thrones and play palace games throughout the castle. 

Buckingham Palace Kitty Mansion, $1,399 at

Puppy de Paris Vendôme Apartment

Inspired by the Place Vendôme in Paris, this apartment for your pet will add a touch of Louis XIV to your home. The lower part of the apartment houses a super-comfy, velvet-lined bedroom, complete with velvet curtains for privacy. The upper floors have plenty of upholstered drawers, with handles gilded in 24-karat gold, for storing all of your pet’s belongings. The legs are custom made by a master bronze-founder and also gilded in 24-karat gold. 

Vendôme Apartment, $12,670 USD at Puppy de Paris

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier 40

Every posh pet needs a “Louis.” This super-durable pet carrier is made in the signature Louis Vuitton monogrammed leather and is scratch and water resistant (very important for anxious pups) and features breathable mesh and a zip-around enclosure. And, of course, it comes with the famous Louis Vuitton brass finishings as well. 

Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier 40, $2,340 at Louis Vuitton

Five Pet Place Cat Litter Tray

Is your cat too elegant to use a regular litterbox? Problem solved: This beautifully crafted litterbox of fine finished wood and crown molding provides your kitty with his own master bath. The box is roomy, with a litter shield to keep scatter to a minimum and an antimicrobial litter pan to keep things clean and fresh.

Oh, and this special potty comes complete with an engraved plaque with your kitty’s name on it so everyone knows it’s his!

Five Pet Place Cat Litter Tray, $422 USD at AristoPaws

Lillibowl Porcelain Bowl With Gold Swarovski Crystals

How about a little bling on your pet’s food or water bowl? These gorgeous porcelain dishes are decorated with either 1,400 (small/medium size) or 2,200 (medium/large size) Swarovski crystals. This will make dinnertime quite an elegant event for your dog or cat. But order fast; each bowl is handmade and can take up to two weeks to ship.

Lillibowl Porcelain Bowl With Gold Swarovski Crystals, $662 USD at AristoPaws

Clear Bone Crystal Poop Bag Holder

Why must scooping the poop be an unpleasant task? Make this onerous chore much classier with this poop bag carrier encrusted with 2,200 Swarovski crystals. Picking up after your pooch never looked so glam. 

Clear Bone Crystal Poop Bag Holder, $352 at Bitch New York

Pink Funk Faux Fur Coat by Chien Coature

Get some floof for Fluffy! This super-cool and super-snuggly faux fur coat will keep your little one super warm this winter. The lining is floral brocade and ultra suede, and sparkly bling throughout the fur gives your pooch some extra glam. The collar and waist closures are Velcro, for easy on and off. 

Pink Funk Faux Fur Coat by Chien Coature, $550 at Bitch New York

B.Pet Bubble Silver Pet Bed

Your little furball will love to cuddle up in this snazzy ’70s-style silver bed designed by B.Pet and sold through Zoe Pet Supply. Bubble Silver is fancy, with a double light effect — glazed on the outside, polished on the inside — and detailed with Swarovski crystals.

B.Pet Bubble Silver Pet Bed, $525 at Zoe Pet Supply

Orvis Tempur-Pedic Deep Dish Dog Bed

For your luxury-minded yet practical pet, the Orvis Tempur-Pedic Deep Dish Dog Bed is a great bet. Your sweetie can snuggle into the soft faux fur and enjoy the uber-comfy Tempur-Pedic design. A dog with a bed this nice probably won’t want to “downgrade” to yours.

Tempur-Pedic Deep Dish Dog Bed, from $315 at Orvis

Bling Bone’s Personalized Kitty Tag

Pretty kitty! This sweet little personalized collar charm for your favorite feline is made of sterling silver and handcrafted with enamel and semiprecious stones. Get one right meow! (Please!)

Personalized Kitty Tag, $385 at Bling Bone

Miami Dog Collars Genuine Crocodile Collar

Look, it’s Crocodile Pup-eee! This handmade, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted Florida crocodile collar is a definite fashion statement. Available for medium and large dogs with a flair for style.

Genuine Crocodile Collar, $240 at Miami Dog Collars

Canine Styles Corduroy Blanket

Keep your pup snuggled up! This 48” x 60” corduroy blanket is lined with super-soft fawn-colored faux shearling. The blanket has grommets at each corner so you can also easily attach it to your couch or bed to keep your pooch comfy and the furniture fur-free.

Corduroy Blanket, $185 at Canine Styles


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