Tiny Tortoises Are Smaller Than a Coin

Egyptian tortoise next to a 20-pence piece
Solent News / Rex Features

You could stick all four of these tortoise babies in your change purse and have plenty of room for more! The week-old Egyptian tortoises, born at Marwell Wildlife in the U.K., are no bigger than a twenty-pence coin -- that's less than an inch.

The first little guy to hatch weighed less than an ounce and he won't get too much bigger. By the time the hatchlings are adults, they could weigh up to one pound and measure six inches long.

"They are adorable, so cute and tiny," gushed keeper Kimberly Goodfield.

We couldn’t agree more.

Tiny Egyptian Tortoises in the palm of a hand
Solent News / Rex Features

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