Top Vetstreet Stories of 2013

'How Are We Doing With Cat Care?' Infographic
Dr. Tony Buffington's handy infographic is a great resource for decoding whether your feline is doing just fine, or not so good.

Top Cat Care

Don't Make These 5 Cat-Care Mistakes Every pet owner makes the occasional mistake, but some are easily avoided with a bit of education. Dr. Becker provides just that in this article about common cat care mistakes.

Honorable Mention

How Are We Doing With Cat Care? Dr. Tony Buffington's article and the accompanying infographic proved to be an enormously helpful resource for our readers. This is a quick read that offers some useful insight into your cat's body language and what it says about her health.

Top Dog Care

5 Ways You're Stressing Your Dog Out Are your laid-back ways causing anxiety for your pooch? Are you punishing him for bad behavior, or just for being a dog? Mikkel Becker points out five common ways dog owners unwittingly create canine stress.

Top Etiquette

5 Things You Should Never Say in a Vet's Waiting Room It's normal to make small talk while waiting to see your vet, but use common sense — for example, pointing out how big a dog's lump is to his owner is probably not the best icebreaker. Dr. Patty Khuly lays down a few ground rules for things you should definitely keep to yourself.

Top Reader Q&A

Your Dog's Whining Decoded One of our readers wrote in with a common problem: a whiny dog. Mikkel Becker has personal experience with this issue, and she also has a solution. In this article she shares a few potential reasons for the dog's incessant whining as well as training tips designed to lessen the behavior.

Why Does My Dog... Cock His Head?
A veterinary behaviorist explains why canines tilt their heads when they hear certain sounds.

Top Why Does My ...?

Why Does My Dog Cock Her Head? Our "Why Does My ...?" series is definitely a hit with readers, and the most popular one of the year had to do with one of the canine species' most adorable habits: head cocking. We took the question to a veterinary behaviorist who offered a few possible explanations, some of which might come as a surprise to you.

Top Video

Get Your Cat to the Vet We'll admit that taking your cat to the vet isn't always the most pleasant task, but that's no excuse to skip the trip, especially since cats are incredibly talented at hiding illness and injury. Dr. Roark stars in a humorous — and helpful — video that offers simple tips and advice on how to get your cat to the vet with the least amount of stress possible. (Yoga may or may not be involved.)

Top Feature

America's Best Cities for Dogs Do you live in a dog-friendly city? We looked at a couple of recent reports about the most dog-friendly cities in America, then talked to enthusiastic dog owners from those locations. How many of you take the number of dog parks and dog boutiques into consideration when you make a move to a new city?

Top News

Pet Scoop: Famed Dog Shoep Dies at Age 20 Last summer the world fell in love with Shoep, a then-19-year-old dog with severe arthritis. Shoep's owner took him out for nightly swims to ease the old boy's pain and help him sleep; a photo of the two of them in the water together quickly went viral. Donations poured in so that Shoep could receive treatment, which allowed him to go on a couple of walks a day.

Sadly, in July, we reported that, just a month after his 20th birthday, Shoep passed away, and our readers responded with love and sympathy.

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