The new AMC show, “The Walking Dead,” is set to become cable TV’s next cult classic hit. One of the characters, Dr. Hershel Greene, does his best to save a child who’s critically injured by gunshots — even though Greene is a veterinarian.

Truth be told, a well-trained vet could prove quite useful in a dire situation, like, say, a zombie apocalypse on Halloween. That’s why we got such a kick out of this American Veterinary Medical Association release, which lists the top 5 reasons why vets could successfully save lives during a zombie siege.

Case in point: Veterinarians spend at least four years post-grad training to care for all species, so while the general anatomy might be slightly different, they’re probably not going to be overwhelmed by the prospect of working on human patients.

But our favorite rationale has to do with the fact that vets have a better chance at surviving than most humans: “The biggest risk is getting bitten by a zombie. Well, who’s better at avoiding bites than a veterinarian?”