Dog lovers, prepare yourselves for the terrible truth bomb we’re about to drop on you: Some people don’t like dogs. We know, we know. It’s a travesty. But everyone has to have a flaw, right?

And what’s more of a shared experience than trying to control your reaction when someone tells you he or she does not like dogs? Check out the reactions below and tell us in the comments if you’ve ever responded like this!

Initial reaction.

Still processing…

Some of us keep our cool.

Some of us don’t.

Then it’s awkward, because you have to apologize for judging.

And you don’t want to assume that dog people are better than regular people, but…

Some situations are just tough to deal with. Like when your friend refuses to watch that hilarious viral dog video with you.

Or when you’re on a blind date and the guy says he doesn’t like dogs.

Or when your crew doesn’t understand why you need a night in with your No. 1 bro.

But, fear not, dog lovers. The glorious day will come when non-dog people finally come around to our canine-loving ideals. And it’ll be like…

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